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Sunday, August 11

@dustcirclenews - Free DOCUMENTARIES: Stephen Hawking's Universe, Wikileaks, Battle of the Brains, Climate Shift, Preppers UK, Osama Bin Laden, How Hackers Changed the World, Future Energy, Broken by Battle, Superbrands Secrets, New York Streets, Citizen USA.

It has come to my attention that some of the VIDEO digests don't show some of the videos in the mailings. These are accessible on the website.

Stephen Hawking’s Universe
Stephen Hawking’s Universe is a 1997 documentary astronomical fact for public service broadcasting with the theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. The author of the bestseller A Brief History of Time, here are some of the most astonishing scientific advances in cosmological thought.

WikiLeaks: The Secret Life of a Superpower
It was the biggest information leak in US diplomatic history – over 250,000 US diplomatic messages or “cables” between the US State Department and US embassies all over the world – turned into a global sensation by the website WikiLeaks.

Battle of The Brains
Horizon takes seven people who are some of the highest flyers in their field – a musical prodigy, a quantum physicist, an artist, a dramatist, an RAF fighter pilot, a chess grandmaster and a Wall Street trader. Each is put through a series of tests to discover who is the most intelligent?

Shift: Beyond the Numbers of the Climate Crisis
Shift is a journey. In an ever worsening natural world we feel that inaction is not an option. We’re not claiming to be climate scientist or journalist trying to tell a plain story, just a brother and sister out to see what all the fuss is about. We accept, and thus firmly believe, that climate change is real, man caused, and a horribly big mess. Our goals are really two fold, one to educate people about climate change (you know the really scary numbers and facts that can be hard to stomach) and two, to offer solutions that help curb our emissions and make a healthier planet. We want to offer solutions from an individual basis all the way to neighborhood, city, and nationwide solutions as well. It can start with each one of us, but we need to work together to make real change. Shift is beyond shorter showers and efficient light bulbs, its a commitment to making real lifestyle changes

Preppers UK
Preppers UK introduces you to local preppers, each with their own unique fears and personal plans to survive a catastrophe.

The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden
After the United States successfully mounted a covert mission to eliminate America’s number one terrorist target, celebration turned to mounting questions. How did the terrorist mastermind elude capture for nearly a decade, only to be discovered hiding in plain sight just yards away from Pakistan’s most prestigious military academy? Peter Bergen, the famed journalist and author on Islamist terrorism who also produced bin Laden’s first television interview, obtains rare access to interview former CIA agents, Navy SEAL operatives and a Black Hawk pilot who reveal how the U.S. gathered the intelligence needed to pull off the surprise attack. He’ll talk to White House and Pakistani intelligence officials as well as neighbors of the Pakistani compound and eyewitnesses to the raid.

How Hackers Changed the World
Storyville: Documentary that goes inside the complex network and history of Anonymous, the radical online ‘hacktivist‘ collective. Through interviews with current members – some recently returned from prison, others still awaiting trial – as well as writers, academics and major players in various ‘raids’, the film traces the collective’s breathtaking evolution from merry pranksters to a full-blown global movement, one armed with new weapons of civil disobedience for an online world.

Future Energy
The world is subjected to an acute energy crisis in the modern times. Renewable sources of energy are being exploited by the most advanced technological systems to save the planet’s highly diminished traditional energy sources. This year marks the deployment of clean energy resources by industries and governments all across the world, which is sure to put a smile on your face.

Broken by Battle
Over the course of a year, reporter Toby Harnden set out to discover how many soldiers, both former and serving, took their own lives in 2012. He talks to families who have lost their sons and ex-soldiers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder who are desperately seeking help. 

Secrets of the Superbrands
Alex Riley thinks he’s immune to brands. When it comes to fashion, technology and food brands he just goes for the cheapest and what works for him. He’s convinced he’s not seduced by the advertising, celebrity endorsements and hype which surrounds the big global brands. So how did that pair of Adidas trainers get in his wardrobe? And how did that can of Heinz Baked Beans make it into his shopping trolley? And why does he have a Nokia mobile phone in his pocket rather than any other make? With the help of marketeers, brain scientists and exclusive access to the world of the superbrands Alex sets out to find out why we buy them, trust them, even idolise them.

Streets of New York
Nowhere in America do poverty and wealth exist so closely to one another as in New York City. Even from the darkest corners of Brooklyn, one need only look up and across the East River to see the great temples of Wall Street wealth looming over the night. Since the birth of the city, New York’s poorest residents, whether Irish, Jewish, black, or Puerto Rican, have made their own gold from the streets of the city. Sometimes the elements of crime were needed to harvest this gold.

Citizen USA: A 50 State Road Trip
Eight years ago Alexandra Pelosi’s husband, Michiel, was just one in millions of immigrants who came to America legally. Since he married her, and she was born in USA, he had no problem getting a green card. He was happy as a resident alien, until his son was born. Suddenly he realized he really had to become an American, so he started down the path to citizenship.

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