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Thursday, August 8

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: 50 Million Hungry Daily, Fast Food Living Wage, Debt-Free College Education, Espionage Act Abuse, Low-Wage America, Right-Wing Media vs. Science, Post-Constitution USA, Failing American Empire, more.

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50 Million Go Hungry Each Day

Creating A Living Wage For Fast Food Workers Would Cost Pennies For Business And Consumers

FBI can remotely activate microphones in Android smartphones, source says

‘We Are Slowly Dying’: Fast-Food Workers Strike for Wages, Rights and Dignity

Violence will rise as climate changes, scientists predict

A Debt-Free College Education

Obama's Abuse of the Espionage Act is Modern-Day McCarthyism

The Surveillance State Is as Strong as Ever

5 Ways Right-Wing Media Make Their Fans Fear Science

5 Ways the War on Terror Has Changed Your Life

Talk About Police States

Low-wage America

Feds Accused Of Distributing Malware That De-Anonymizes Tor Users

It's Dangerous For Free Speech When We Confuse Leakers With Spies

Should Businesses Make Money From Poor People?

Washington Thinks You Are Stupid

Welcome To Post-Constitution America

Polls Keep Showing That Americans Are Fine with the Surveillance State

Is the United States a failing empire?


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