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Wednesday, September 19

19.Sept.2012: Science Rules Out God, Westboro Restricted, Welfare Myths, Military Spending, U.S.-Israeli Relations, NYPD Kidnapping, Kid Obesity, Innocence of Muslims, Cyber-Security Order, Podcasting, Socialist Party, Constitutional Convention, #OWS Revived, Afghans Killed in U.S. Airstrikes, Adolf Hitler on God, U.S. Imperialism, Romney Appeals to Religious, Big Brother in Your Car, SEP Candidate Jerry White, Anti-U.S. Protests, American Dictators Doc, Police States Love Terrorism, Jonestown Brainwashing

Will Science Someday Rule Out the Possibility of God?
Over the past few centuries, science can be said to have gradually chipped away at the traditional grounds for believing in God. Much of what once seemed mysterious — the existence of humanity, the life-bearing perfection of Earth, the workings of the universe — can now be explained by biology, astronomy, physics and other domains of science. 

Westboro Baptist Church Dealt Blow: Jerry Brown Signs Bill Restricting Protests At Funerals

The original legislation, proposed by State Sen. Ted Lieu, (D-Torrance), would have created a 1,000-foot buffer zone around funerals. Brown vetoed it last September, writing that while he was "very tempted" to sign it, he believed it would run afoul of a U.S. Supreme Court decision saying the protests were constitutionally protected free speech.

Mythbuster: Tall tales about welfare reform
Welfare reform is almost inevitably contentious. Answering the question of who should receive how much financial support relies on often competing conceptions of fairness, with rival views about who needs, and who deserves, our help, not to mention the most just and efficient way of providing it. These issues are worth debating – but the current debate is being conducted on shoddy terms. Myths and stereotypes abound.

The Military Spending Cut Scare

There are several ways in which this is misleading.  First, "defense" here means military, whether or not defensive.  Second, "cuts" in Washington-talk includes reductions in a budget from one year to the next, OR reductions from a desired dream-budget to a less-desired budget, even one that is an increase over last year's.  For the past 13 years, military spending has grown to levels not seen since World War II.

Is Mainstream Media Biting The Bullet For Homeland Security

There is no dispute that our government has been buying up large amounts of ammunition. Purchase orders made by domestic federal agencies from the Department of Homeland Security add up to at least 1.4 billion rounds of assorted bullets ranging from .357 Magnum to .223 and .40 Caliber rounds. Stories have appeared on the Internet in the last few weeks provoking articles on a number of both progressive and right-wing websites.

American Politics Go Deeper Than Politics

A large majority of citizens think elections in the United States do not affect change in  Washington's policies. They believe government decisions mostly benefit the wealthy  who rig the system for themselves. So, why do so many uninformed voters support  policy-empty slogans? Could it be more of an emotional exercise than a mental one?

A Sea Change in US-Israeli Relations?

The situation in the Middle East has reached a dangerous point, to be sure, but there are also signs that a sea change may be taking place here in the US which could herald a whole new relationship between the US, Israel and the rest of the Arab and Islamic world.

President Jill Stein?
It's estimated that both President Obama and Mitt Romney will draw out anywhere between 45 and 60 million apiece in November, according to 2008 turnout numbers. But according to one USA Today poll, an estimated 90 million people who could vote this year probably won't, as they're disappointed in both candidates and major political parties. What if just two-thirds of those 90 million people turned out for a candidate with a truly bold vision, who isn't beholden to corporate donors or bought party elites? It would be a colossal upset for the establishment, and a big win for citizens.

How I Was Kidnapped by the NYPD

The sun had just set on an early fall Saturday night in New York City, and the air was getting cold. The sidewalk was full of Occupiers and NYPD, and up ahead there was chaos and confusion. I could see camera flashes and rapid movements, and heard nothing but commands from the police and shouts of anti-police profanity from Occupiers watching their friends get snatched and grabbed at random. I linked arms with several Occupiers around me and shouted, "March! March!" and we drew close to the police lines. One white-shirted NYPD lieutenant got in my face as I looked around a wall of cops to see who it was that had just been knocked to the ground and handcuffed.

Government Files Emergency Appeal of NDAA Decision

Obama abandoned a commitment to veto a new security law that allows the military to indefinitely detain without trial American terrorism suspects arrested on US soil who could then be shipped to Guantanamo Bay. (photo: Brennan Linsley/Reuters)In an emergency appeal of the ruling, the government asserted that United States District Court Judge Katherine B. Forrest went beyond enjoining the statute - enacted last year as part of the National Defense Authorization Act - and potentially curtailed detention powers it has been exercising for years under its interpretation of the authorization to use military force against the perpetrators of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

New Study Links BPA to Obesity in Kids

Children with higher levels of BPA (bisphenol A) may be more likely to be obese, according to a study published today in The Journal of the American Medical Association.

Immigrants Are Losing the Policy Fight. But That’s Beside the Point

Like many others, I’ve worked for years to get Americans to think expansively and compassionately about immigration. In a decade dominated by the push for what’s been dubbed “comprehensive immigration reform,” I’ve argued that immigrants drive economic growth, pay taxes, add value to the culture, and don’t take jobs from native-born people. 

Does 'Innocence of Muslims' meet the free-speech test?

U.S. 1st Amendment rights distinguish between speech that is simply offensive and speech deliberately tailored to put lives and property at immediate risk.

White House confirms cybersecurity order in the works

National Security Adviser John Brennan confirmed that the White House is drafting an executive order to encourage companies to better protect vital computer systems.

Lawyers Ponder Whether 'Secret Video' of Romney Violated Privacy Laws
Politicos want to know whether the "secret video" of Mitt Romney speaking at a private fundraising event will hurt his chances in the upcoming presidential election, but some lawyers are pondering a different question: Did the person who made the tape violate state law?

Podcasting: Stop Typing And Start Talking

No longer are you limited to a word count, demonstration time-limit or a broadcast timeslot. If a section runs long, you can produce a slightly longer episode, or at most release a special episode including extra content for those who are interested enough.

A piggy bank and a stethoscope to depict medicareWhere the Presidential Candidates Stand on Medicare and Medicaid

The Obama administration has retained the structure of Medicare and made moves to keep it afloat, whereas a Romney-Ryan administration proposes an overhaul and a voucher system to purchase insurance in a new private marketplace

Why The Chicago Teacher's Union Needs A Socialist Party
The Chicago Teacher’s Union (CTU) is facing a serious political problem as its strike enters a second week. The problem extends down from the highest heights in Washington, D.C. to the smallest ward in Chicago. The problem is the Democratic Party and this problem is only getting worse. 

The 99% Rally For A Constitutional Convention
The non-electoral methods of the Occupy Wall Street movement are energizing millions who have been alienated for a long time from the two-party system of sham that the 1% controls.

Israeli War Against Palestinian Children
The Israelis were not satisfied with the mere occupation of Palestine, the evictions of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians out of their country, the annihilation of Gaza Palestinians through a choking economic siege and frequent aerial bombardments, and the continuous confiscations of Palestinian land and the demolitions of their homes in the West Bank, so they had developed a very oppressive anti-Palestinian children policies, that are aimed at intimidating, terrorizing and traumatizing Palestinian children, whose families dared to stay in the country.

Freedom Of Expression or Freedom To Blaspheme?
Freedom of expression must not be confused with freedom from the consequences of expression. Exercising freedom and abusing it are not the same. The latter forfeits the former. Just because we are free to express ourselves, it doesn’t free us from the responsibility for what we express. 

Why We Have to Go Back to a 40-Hour Work Week to Keep Our Sanity

One hundred fifty years of research proves that shorter work hours actually raise productivity and profits -- and overtime destroys them. So why do we still do this?

Former Justice Souter: ‘Pervasive civic ignorance’ in U.S. could bring dictatorship

During a question and answer session last week at University of New Hampshire School of Law, Souter described “pervasive civic ignorance” as one of the biggest problems in the United States. He warned that Americans’ ignorance about their own government could lead to a dictatorship.
Raw Story (
September 11

Congress' Sequester Raids 9/11 Treatment And Compensation Funds To Cut Deficit

Lawmakers vowed to "never forget" 9/11 again last week, but it appears many already had -- in the budget sequester legislation Congress passed last summer to try and cut the deficit.

Occupy Wall Street Revived, But Core Issues Remain

Occupy Wall Street’s weekend of events aimed at reviving its lost vigor continued through Monday around Liberty Square and Zuccotti Park. The group was celebrating its anniversary and its progress at taking a stand against economic inequality, but experts say the movement needs to do a lot more than a repeat of last year.

Swiss Banks Stand to Lose Hundreds of Billions

UBS predicts massive asset outflows as governments crack down on former tax haven

Iran warns ‘nothing will remain’ of Israel if military action begins

The top commander in Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard warned Sunday that his country’s missiles will ensure “nothing will remain” of Israel if it takes military action against Tehran over its controversial nuclear program.

24 Afghans killed in US-led airstrikes, including 8 women

Local witnesses said on Sunday that at least eight women died and several others were wounded in an overnight attack in Laghman. The US-led military coalition has confirmed the airstrike. 

Adolf Hitler on God: Quotes from Adolf Hitler Expressing Belief & Faith in God

Adolf Hitler had Faith in God that His Agenda was Divinely Ordained

US data whistleblower: 'It's a violation of everybody's constitutional rights'
Former National Security Agency official Bill Binney says US is illegally collecting huge amounts of data on his fellow citizens

Demonstrators gather in Egypt to protest an anti-Muslism filmThe real battle is against U.S. imperialism

U.S. embassies and military bases in majority Muslim countries around the Middle East and North Africa have been the site of violent protests over a racist film, produced in the U.S. and distributed in various forms on the Internet, that slanders Islam.

Romney Stops Pretending To Be Moderate, Appeals To Religious Base

Elections in the past have centered on so-called “undecided voters,” with candidates targeting a bipartisan moderate audience. Romney, however, has decided to forego any attempt at pleasing the moderate audience and simply appeal to his conservative base (which has been upset with him as of late).

Big Brother is in your car

If you're on the road, the government likely knows where. Surveillance of drivers is increasing, and appears legal

The First Amendment

Text, Origins, and Meaning

Israeli leader presses Obama to set trigger for war against Iran

In another provocative move, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared on two prominent American TV talk shows on Sunday to press the Obama administration to set a “red line” for military action against Iran over its nuclear program.

SEP candidate Jerry White speaks to transit workers on Chicago teachers strike

Socialist Equality Party presidential candidate Jerry White campaigned among transit workers and firefighters Monday to rally support for striking Chicago teachers. The 26,000 striking teachers have entered their second week of the strike after voting on Sunday not to return to work. Now the striking teachers face the threat of injunction by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Anti-US protests spread throughout Muslim world

Protests that began one week ago at US embassies in Egypt and Libya against an anti-Islamic YouTube video are rapidly spreading throughout the Muslim world. The wave of demonstrations reflects the burning anger of hundreds of millions over the predatory policies of US imperialism. Over the weekend, the protests spread to some twenty countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

It's Alive! Occupy Actions Across the Country Show the Movement's Impact

Here's our on-the-ground reporting from the East and West coasts.

FBI Continues To Foil Its Own Devised Terrorist Plots

It seems there's a new pattern showing itself every time I read a news report in which the FBIproudly announces it foiled a terrorist plot. That pattern goes something like this: hear that a huge explosion was averted and lives were saved, find out the plotter was an American citizen, find out he was under investigation by the FBI for several years, and then finally find out that it was the FBI that egged on the suspect and built his "bomb" for him. In other words, the only way these things could become less impressive is if the FBI actually decided to quit finding these loner folks to urge into violence and just built their own physical straw man to parade in front of the cameras. 

The politics of provocation

Feminists have been saying “Beware of fundamentalism” for the last twenty years, and we need to say it now louder than ever: anyone who whips up religious antagonisms to win political power is an enemy of human rights, says Meredith Tax

Documentary: American Dictators

American Dictators is a documentary film by Alex that exposes and gives an account of the degeneration of America’s political processes.

Why police states love terrorism

Jonestown and Brainwashing
A US government funded project

Occupy Sunset Park: 99% Solidarity Grows, Brooklyn Community Tenants Stage Rent Strike

Here's the Full Video of Mitt Romney's Private Fundraiser (2 parts):

From Guantánamo to NDAA: Obama Admin Bids to Preserve Indefinite Detention at Home and Abroad

World War III Is Coming Soon And Here's Why

Mitt Romney says Palestinians have 'no interest in peace' in leaked video


US Ambassador Was Found Alive

3 Shocking Videos of Police Brutality at Yesterday's #OWS Demonstrations:

Anti-US Protests Grow

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