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Friday, August 16

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: The U.S. Empire Provokes Terrorism, Pricey American Health Care, Increase in U.S. Military Suicides, Power of Edward Snowden, Israel Settlements Illegal, Corporate Tax Dodgers, America's Big Prison Population, Public School Police-State Mindset, American Dream is a Scam, more.

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The U.S. Empire Provokes Terrorism

'Paying Till It Hurts': Why American Health Care Is So Pricey

Secrecy Has Already Corroded Our Democracy in Real Ways

Marked increase in US military suicides

NSA reading content of Americans’ international communications

Edward Snowden Has Awakened the Sleeping Giant

The Power of Edward Snowden

Restore Honor and Pardon Edward Snowden

America’s Descent Into Madness

US continues drone war against Yemen

EU: Israel settlement approval illegalThe Israeli settlement of Beitar Elit at the occupied West Bank (file photo)

NSA Loophole Allows Warrantless Search for US Citizens' Emails and Phone Calls

The corporate tax dodgers
Missing your social safety net? Here’s how it happens

Government surveillance spurs Americans to fight back

Obama’s surveillance revisions omit limits on warrantless email searches

Extreme Heat Waves to Quadruple by 2040, According to New Study

Why Does America Have Such a Big Prison Population?

All Israeli settlements on Palestinian land are illegal, US says

Israel's Everyday Racism — and How American Jews Turn a Blind Eye to It

The Police State Mindset in Our Public Schools

STUNNING: Comparing U.S. & World Covers for TIME Magazinetime

The Disturbing True Story of How The Education System was Intentionally Corrupted

The American Dream is a SCAM - by the Federal Reserve

Civil Disobedience As Law Enforcement

Capitalism Run Wild

Senate Insider Speaks Out: Ex-Wyden Staffer on Secret Laws, Domestic Spying and Obama's NSA Reforms

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