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Wednesday, October 24

24.Oct.2012-Wed, Part 2 - My Big Fat American Election, Multi-Level Climate Justice, GMO Labeling Battle, Torture Whistleblower to Be Sentenced, ACLU to Testify on Drones & Privacy, Slow Death of Education, New Era for Wal-Mart Workers, Mexico Drug War Not in Debate, Land of Shady American Elections, 5 Effects of Fracking, America Drifting Toward Fascism, Online Apocalypse

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My Big Fat American Election

Obesity is an American plague -- and no, I’m not talking about overweight Americans.  I’m talking about our overweight, supersized presidential campaign.  I’m talking about Big Election, the thing that’s moved into our homes and, especially if you live in a “swing state,” is now hogging your television almost 24/7.

How to Create a Multi-Level Movement for Climate Justice

The more we hear calls for the urgency of climate justice like that of Bill McKibben’s JulyRolling Stone article, the more we confront a strategic dilemma: Where shall we put our energy, on the local or national level?

Monsanto's Lies and the GMO Labeling Battle

You may have never heard of Henry I. Miller, but right now he is attempting to determine the future of food in this country.  And he has enormous financial backing.

Ex-CIA Officer, Torture Whistleblower to Be Sentenced for Leak

Former CIA officer and torture whistleblower John Kiriakou plead guilty on Tuesday to a charge of revealing an undercover operative's identity, a case that whistleblower advocates say shows continued immunity for torturers while those who expose the torture are prosecuted.

ACLU to Testify Thursday Before House Field Panel on Domestic Drones and Privacy

Hearing in Houston Will Be Webcast

From Master Plan to No Plan: The Slow Death of Public Higher Education

The California student movement has a slogan that goes, “Behind every fee hike, a line of riot cops.” And no one embodies that connection more than the Ronald Reagan of the 1960s. Elected governor of California in 1966 after running a scorched-earth campaign against the University of California, Reagan vowed to “clean up that mess in Berkeley,” warned audiences of “sexual orgies so vile that I cannot describe them to you,” complained that outside agitators were bringing left-wing subversion into the university, and railed against spoiled children of privilege skipping their classes to go to protests.

Universities and the Urban Growth Machine

Why has the price tag of an American college degree skyrocketed (500 percent in the public sector since 1985) in recent decades? Instructional cost is not one of the reasons. Salaries of full-time faculty have been stagnant for a long time, and the massive conversion of tenure track jobs into contingent positions (more than two-thirds of professors are now off the tenure track) has sliced the teaching payroll at almost all institutions.

A New Era for Wal-Mart Workers?

During this week and the last, perhaps a couple of hundred of Wal-Mart workers have walked out of their stores in at least a dozen cities across America. They have formed picket lines, spoken to the press, and demonstrated that it is possible to put the name of the nation’s largest private-sector employer in the same sentence with the word “strike.”

With 60,000 dead, Mexicans wonder why drug war doesn't rate in presidential debate

Much of Latin America was dismayed that they got only a glancing mention in Romney and Obama's final presidential debate.

King of the Hill

ll the time now, I’m starting to hear, "The president had complete control of Congress for two years, and did everything he wanted." This is such bullshit. First of all, no president has that much control over senators. You really think Ben Nelson, whose state deplores Obama, really feels that much pressure to be loyal to him?

Mitt, Ann and Tagg Romney confer with aides on a campaign flight. (photo: TopekaNews)

America: Land of Shady Elections

merica: Land of Shady Elections. If a country proclaimed itself as the standard-bearer for Democracy around the world, while a son of one of that country's presidential candidates owned voting machines in a state known for swinging elections, would you take that country's claims seriously? Would you believe that nation's claims of love for Democracy if a team of UN observers were sent to that nation's polling locations on Election Day to monitor a hyper-partisan voter intimidation group?

5 Effects of Fracking You May Not Know About

hat comes to mind when you think of fracking? Perhaps it's images of tap water being lit on fire or stories of families suffering health problems after nearby wells are fracked. Indeed, the health and environmental impacts of fracking are being documented, but it's important to know that fracking is a catalyst for widespread negative consequences. This list includes five effects of fracking you may not have heard about.

America’s Drone Terrorism
The NYU/Stanford report goes beyond reporting estimates of the civilian casualties inflicted by the deadly and illegal U.S. campaign. It also documents the hell the Pakistanis endure under President Barack Obama’s policy, which includes a “kill list” from which he personally selects targets. That hell shouldn’t be hard to imagine. Picture yourself living in an area routinely visited from the air by pilotless aircraft carrying Hellfire missiles. This policy is hardly calculated to win friends for the United States.

CIA Chiefs Face Arrest over Horrific Evidence of Bloody 'Video-Game' Sorties by Drone Pilots
A damning dossier assembled from exhaustive research into  the strikes’ targets sets out in heartbreaking detail the deaths of teachers, students and Pakistani policemen. It also describes how bereaved relatives are forced to gather their loved ones’ dismembered body parts in the aftermath of strikes.

The Real Reason America Is Drifting Towards Fascism

The unique modern strain of American fascism can be traced through Leo Strauss and the University of Chicago.

Will the Apocalypse Arrive Online?
First the financial system collapses and it's impossible to access one’s money. Then the power and water systems stop functioning.  Within days, society has begun to break down.  In the cities, mothers and fathers roam the streets, foraging for food. The country finds itself fractured and fragmented -- hardly recognizable.

The Billionaires' Pity Party: Richest People in History Can't Stop Whining About Oppression

They've made out like bandits while Americans suffer. Yet a parade of some of the richest people in human history has recently formed to denounce President Obama for oppressing them.

Even Fox News Admits That Mitt Romney's Tax Plan Doesn't Add Up
Fox Business host Stuart Varney admitted: "I cannot calculate how much money would be brought in" by Romney's plan.

Right-Wing Billionaire's Newspaper Gives Readers False Voting Information

A Pennsylvania paper that's part of a conglomerate owned by Richard Mellon Scaife is telling voters -- falsely -- that they need photo ID.

Israel Wages War on Human Rights

Daily incidents reveal Israeli state terrorism writ large. Praying to the wrong God is called terrorism. So is wanting out from under Israel's repressive boot.

Employees of Romney family's secret bank tied to fraud, money laundering, drug cartels and the CIA

As previously reported in by the Columbus Free Press, the Romney family, namely Mitt, Ann, G Scott and Tagg Romney, along with Mitt's "6th son" and campaign finance chair have a secretive private equity firm called Solamere Capital Partners. This firms ties to Romney's campaign and bundlers is already well documented, along with its connection to the manufacture and distribution of voting machines. What is not as well documented is a subsidiary of that private equity firm hiring employees of a failed firm tied to a Ponzi scheme that has a long history of money laundering for Latin American drug cartels and to the Iran-Contra scandal. 

Rage Against Austerity

The criminal class in Washington is bipartisan. Together they planned force-fed pain. They met secretly. They mandated poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and hunger during hard times.

Time is tight to produce a worthy US dream

It's tight. It's awfully tight. But way beyond demented pollmania permeating every nook and cranny of the multi-billionaire election circus -- coupled with the torrential vomiting of the Spin Machine scary monsters and super freaks -- these are the stark facts. 

Syria and Iran: Exposing the Lies and Disinformation

Climate Silence: It’s the Right, Stupid

Chris Hayes on the Silence on Climate Change at the Debates

Learn How to Strike Debt


Exclusive: As Obama and Romney Agree on Afghan War, Israel and Syria, Third Parties Give Alternative

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