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Thursday, October 25

25.Oct.2012 - Debate Special Expansion (3rd Parties), Voter Fraud, Exposed Kill Matrix, U.S. to Sue Bank of America, Wall Street Won the Election, Dirty Voting Tricks, Taxes & Job Creation Myths, E.U. Robin Hood Tax, Walmart Legal Troubles Mount, America at a Crossroads, Anonymous to Launch TYLER, Congress Corrupt, Rape a Gift from God?

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WATCH: Full Expanding the Debate Special on Foreign Policy Featuring Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson

Helping Republicans Find Real Voter Fraud in America

Republican officials across the country are having a major problem with their widely ballyhooed claim that they must create new barriers to voting in order to ensure the "integrity" of the ballot. The problem is this: Their high-decibel effort is completely devoid of integrity.

Solutions Worth Debating

America has some big problems and it needs equally big solutions. In this current media-frenzied presidential race, the American people are looking to the two major party candidates -- Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama -- for solutions. However, they are coming back empty-handed as the candidates continue to push their party agendas, speaking in talking points rather than addressing real problems.

Exposed 'Kill Matrix' Gives Permanence to US 'War on Terror'

An in-depth Washington Post story reveals that the drone warfare and bottomless "kill list" that have become signature features of the Obama administration's foreign policy have evolved. At the center of these policies is a "next-generation" 'kill-list' rebranded as a 'disposition matrix' meant to serve as a guide for "future administrations through the counterterrorism processes that Obama has embraced." 

US to Sue Bank of America for $1bn Over 'Brazen' Mortgage Fraud

The civil mortgage fraud lawsuit centers around the bank's program known as "Hustle," a program it absorbed from Countrywide Financial when it bought the company in 2008.

Republican Fundraiser in Utah, Charged With Multiple Counts of Rape and Kidnapping, Commits Suicide

A violent end to a tawdry tale of power and abuse.

How Wall Street Won the Election Long Before The First Vote Was Cast
Four debates later, and it's clear that Big Finance will continue to drive our economy.

Mitt Romney's Question-Mark Economy

nsurance companies won't pay the higher costs of insuring these people unless they have extra funds - which is why Obamacare requires that everyone, including healthy young people, buy insurance. Yet Romney doesn't say where the extra money to fund insurers would come from. From taxpayers? Businesses?

Voting Dirty Tricks Begin

Earlier today (Oct.16), our friends at the Election Protection Coalition alerted us to reports of dirty tricks being deployed against voters in Virginia and Florida.

Americans United Says Taxpayers Have Right To Challenge Church Control Of Federal Program

Watchdog Group Tells Court That Public Has Right To Question Bishops’ Restrictions On Program To Help Sex-Trafficking Victims

Another third party debate in the works

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation has announced plans to host a second debatebetween third-party presidential candidates on Oct. 30 in Washington, following up on a similar event the group hosted Tuesday night in Chicago.  

Dispelling The Myth: Taxes And Job Creation
We invite you to talk about something that is very important to all of us: taxes and jobs.

After the US presidential debates: The political issues facing the working class

It is now less than two weeks to Election Day in the United States. The campaigns of the two principal candidates have exposed the fraudulent, anti-democratic character of the entire electoral process. The American people are presented with a “choice” between two candidates who have, in the end, no significant political differences.

‘Robin Hood’ Tax Comes to Part of EU

The head of the European Commission supports the tax and encourages the other 17 member states to follow suit—the U.K. is most vehemently opposed—saying that it could help greatly with the debt crisis.

What Are GMO? What Is A GMO? What Foods Are Genetically Modified? California Prop 37 Decoded
What Are GMO? What Is A GMO? A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered...


With the debates over and nary a word on climate change, many are asking what the significance of the silence means. This is the first time in decades that climate change has not been addressed during a presidential debate. But raising the issue during the debates in the past has not necessarily resulted in improved understanding of the science or significant action to pass emissions standards through Congress.

Walmart legal troubles mount as Black Friday walkout looms

walmartstore-JaredCBenedictWalmart workers aren’t happy, and they’re letting their employer know it. In the midst of worker strikes in several cities and the looming threat of a mass employee walkout on Black Friday (one of the busiest shopping days of the year), the world’s largest retailer has been hit with a class action lawsuit affecting temporary workers in the Chicago area.

Student loans get the same subpar servicing that subprime mortgages do

The parallels between the mortgage market and the student loan industry have been frequently noted. Both involve big borrowing and have a history of lax underwritingby lenders. But the two are also strikingly similar in another way: When it comes to both mortgages and student debt, the servicers, or companies that handle loan payments, sometimes add roadblocks and give struggling borrowers the runaround.

‘Ten Commandments’ Judge Roy Moore: God punishing the U.S. over marriage equality and abortion

Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy MooreThe man who is likely to be Alabama’s next chief justice is warning that God will continue to punish America until same sex marriage and abortion are outlawed.

Lessons from the Early History of the Church of Latter Day Saints

In the beginning, as we know, was the Word of one Joseph Smith Jr., founder of the Mormon Church, finder of the so-called Golden Plates from which he was able to translate the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith today in Mormon theology is considered “the prophet, priest and king.” When Mitt Romney avows “My faith is the faith of my fathers—I will be true to them,” the father he invokes is Smith. This should be highly troubling.

Obama and Romney: War No Matter Who Wins Election

Once again emphasizing there is no fundamental difference between Obama and Romney when it comes to attacking Iran, the American Jewish Committee has published the answers to a questionnaire sent to the candidates.

Does Romney’s Religion Condone Torture?
Nobody asked Governor Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama about torture during Monday night’s “foreign policy debate”—but someone should have.

Isn’t It Time To Take Down Ann Coulter?

When Rush Limbaugh made an ass of himself by “slut shaming” Sandra Fluke for weeks on end, the one last nerve of those within earshot of his blathering, blubbering mouth was snapped and the villagers took their pitchforks into the town square of modern media and demanded the monster be taken down. And he was. A notch or two. In fact, currently advertisers see sticking with the likes of Limbaugh as a death of sorts; or, as one put it, “those who do not adapt will be swallowed up.” (see Rats Leaving The Sinking Ship — Conservative Radio Still Shedding Advertisers)

Civil liberties, Britain and the US election
No matter the final outcome, the presidential race has already brought about grim prospects for the future of civil liberties in the US.

America at a crossroads
Scholars say election likely to redefine nation’s priorities

Anonymous going to lauch wikileaks like project called TYLER 
Anonymous+going+to+lauch+wikileaks+like+project+called+'TYLER'International hacker group Anonymous is going to create a WikiLeaks competitor scandalous leak portal called Tyler, for the publication of secret information from governments of various countries. One of the group’s members, who specified that he is representing the collective, spoke about the TYLER project and the rift with WikiLeaks in an email interview with the Voice of Russia.

US Does Not Want Real Democracy in Middle East: Chomsky
Visiting AUC for first time in 19 years, Noam Chomsky speaks of potential Israel-Iran conflict and America's fear of democracy in Middle East

UK Support for US Drones in Pakistan May be War Crime, Court is Told
Lawyers for Pakistani man whose father was killed by drone strike seek to have sharing of UK intelligence declared unlawful

Congress: "Corrupt to the Core"

GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Calls Rape Pregnancies A ‘Gift From God’

Phyllis Bennis: Should Progressives Vote for Obama?

Viral Video: Separation of Church and Hate

Occupy Wall Street Is A Thought Revolution

Chris Hayes on Climate Change Silence

Behind the U.S. targeted killing program

Stop Killing Our Youth: Protest Against Police Brutality

Food Fight: Debating Prop 37, California’s Landmark Initiative to Label GMO Food

Michael Pollan: California’s Prop 37 Fight to Label GMOs Could Galvanize Growing U.S. Food Movement

Michael Pollan: From GMOs to NYC’s Soda Ban, Local Efforts Challenge Agri-Giants’ National Control
Third-party presidential debate gives a voice to long-shot candidates
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