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Wednesday, October 24

24.Oct.2012-Wed: Debate Performance, Military Spending, Jumbotron Election, Climate Change Not Mentioned, National Security Whistleblowers, Jill Stein Criticizes U.S. Slave Mentality, Israel to Expand Settlements, Tax Exemption Laws, U.S. Dream, Pesticide Corporations & Proposition 37, Wage Slavery, Trade & Human Rights, Copyright Alert System, DOMA & Immigration Extremists, New Hipster Megachurch Tells Women to Submit, JP Morgan & Wells Fargo Screwed?

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The 5 Goofiest Right-Wing Defenses of Romney's Terrible Debate Performance

Sometimes partisan politics are just so pathetic.

How a Mitt-Style Increase in Military Spending Might Cost You Your Job
The link between bloated military budgets and unemployment is clear and scary.

How Corporations Know Who You Will Likely Vote For

Across the country, companies are using cookies to tailor the political ads you see online.

The Jumbotron Election: How Our Bloated Political Theater Is Bad for Democracy
This election started earlier and lasted longer than any election in our history, and every number associated with it is supposed to be bigger than the last.

Climate Change Not Mentioned In Presidential Debates For First Time In A Generation

History was made at the third and final presidential debate at Lynn University on Monday night. President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, sparred over American policy in Libya and Iran. They traded generalities on trade with China and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and made brief mentions of renewable technology and "energy independence."

A Mixed Message for National Security Whistleblowers

The White House recently released a presidentialdirective extending legal protections to intelligence community employees who expose government fraud, waste, or abuse. Advocates for greater transparency and accountability in government applauded the move. But some observers noted a seeming discrepancy between the directive and the administration's aggressive record of prosecuting leaks within the intelligence community. Has the Obama administration turned over a new leaf when it comes to national security whistleblowers?

Remember when Obama was antiwar?

Barack and Michelle Obama are greeted by troops during a visit to Fort Stewart (Sgt. Uriah Walker)Barack Obama and Mitt Romney held the last of their candidates' debates Monday night, and the foreign policy focus provided an opportunity for what the New York Times called a "role reversal." Romney did his best to act like the moderate and responsible world leader, while Obama came off sounding "like a Republican hard-liner," the Timesreported. This from the man whose first steps toward the White House in the 2008 election came as the most prominent Democratic contender to oppose George W. Bush's Iraq War.

Jill Stein criticizes U.S. ‘slave-like mentality toward Israel

Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein blasted both major-party candidates for having a “slave-like” mentality toward Israel during an alternative debate between herself and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson on Monday.

PM: Israel to Expand Settlements in East Jerusalem ‘Without Limits’
Occupied Area 'Is Our Capital,' Netanyahu Insists

Backlash Against Tax Exemption Laws
Houses of Worship Political Speech Protection

Time is tight to produce a worthy US dream

It's tight. It's awfully tight. But way beyond demented pollmania permeating every nook and cranny of the multi-billionaire election circus -- coupled with the torrential vomiting of the Spin Machine scary monsters and super freaks -- these are the stark facts. 

Six largest pesticide corporations funding effort to try to defeat GMO labeling Proposition 37

In what should probably surprise no one who has been following the Proposition 37 issue, a California proposal that would require the ingredients in all GM foods to be labeled, the so-called "Big 6" pesticide corporations have become the movement's main opponents. 

Israeli Commandos Electro-Torture Ship to Gaza Activists

On October 20, masked Israeli commandos lawlessly interdicted Ship to Gaza Estelle in international waters. It was over 30 nautical miles from Gaza's coast when intercepted.
Netanyahu praised their criminality. He accused on board activists of trying to "delegitimize Israel." He also claimed "there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza." 

Downloaders Beware: Copyright Alert System Arises as Torrent Sites Enter the Cloud
ISP Copyright Alert System MegaUpload Pirate BayAnd the war over copyright infringement on the Internet wages on, with the last couple of days revealing tactical moves from both sides of the battlefield. As SPIN reported yesterday, torrent site Pirate Bay ditched its evidence-accruing servers in favor of a cloud-based data storage system. Now, according to Wiredbeleaguered torrent site MegaUpload, shut down by feds in January, is also headed for the cloud with their new venture, Mega.

US Presidential debate: America’s national insecurity
What would a real national security look like? This debate on foreign policy never really took place last night. For starters, we would protect human rights and civil liberties, here and abroad. The gradual evisceration of our civil liberties makes America less safe, not more secure, says Ruth Rosen

Why Is it So Hard for Police to Admit They've Messed Up?

Psychologists explore why it's hard for law enforcement to admit their mistakes.

Debates, DOMA and Immigration Extremists

Last week on Truthdig Radio in association with KPFK: Jim Morrison of Here TV and Truthdig’s Bill Boyarsky discuss debates, alternative candidates and Daniel Ellsberg’s mandate to vote for Obama. Also: How immigration extremists stand in the way of economic recovery.

Why Are There So Few Female Plutocrats?

When it comes to the richest of the rich, men still dominate while their well-educated wives happily redecorate their homes.

Oral Sex, Yoga, and God's Eternal Wrath: Inside the New Hipster Megachurch That Tells Modern Women to Submit
Mars Hill tries to pull a young hipster crowd to Christianity. One of their biggest draws is separate spheres for women and men.
JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo are being evaluated for financial health. (photo: New York Magazine)

How Screwed Are JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo?

uarterly bank earnings season is upon us. And with it, the life-negating sight of hundreds of business journalists all parsing the same labyrinthine financial disclosures for signs of a bank's financial health or illness. This is the quarterly peek we get at the greasy innards of our nation's financial system - who's making money, who's losing it, who's cutting jobs, who's growing like kudzu.
History you've never heard

Smile or Die: The Perils of Positive Thinking
A talk by Barbara Ehrenreich

National Day Of Protest

Israeli Navy Seizes Gaza-Bound Activist Ship; Noam Chomsky Speaks Out from Gaza in 1st Visit

AP Fact Check: the Final Presidential Debate

The Debate In 100 Seconds: The Third Presidential Debate

Exclusive: As Obama and Romney Agree on Afghan War, Israel and Syria, Third Parties Give Alternative

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