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Friday, September 6

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: NSA Misused PRISM, Snowden Receives Whistleblowing Award, Fast-Food Walkouts Spread, Israel-Palestine Negotiations a Farce, Humanist Case Against Syria Intervention, Our New Heroes, U.S. Regime Criminal Insanity, Latin American Allies Furious, DEA Spy Program, Does Science Disprove God? and more.

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NSA misused PRISM   Spied on Al Jazeera, bugged UN headquarters and used for personal spying

NSA misused PRISM - Spied on Al Jazeera, bugged UN headquarters and used for personal spying

We, The Paranoid

Edward Snowden Receives Whistleblowing Award

Grassley Presses The White House For Whistleblowers Protection
Fast-food workers and their supporters rallied outside of McDonald's in the early hours of the morning Thursday in New York City, marking the start of a nationwide day of strikes. (WNV/Peter Rugh)

With nothing to lose and a living wage to win, fast-food walkouts spread

Chomsky: Why the Israel-Palestine 'Negotiations' Are a Complete Farce


Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange: Our New Heroes

Why we should listen to the world

Criminal Insanity of US Regime

US Allies in Latin America Furious at NSA 'Espionage' Revelations

The Creepy Spy Program That Lets the Drug Enforcement Administration Look at Your Phone Records

Study: Climate change to significantly increase wildfires by 2050

Should Atheists Be Politically Active?

We can't survive on $7.25

More Cities Sweeping Homeless Into Less Prominent Areas

Nothing humanitarian about the empire

Assange Requests Investigation Into US Actions Against WikiLeaks

U.S. Elementary School Homework Teaches Kids ‘Government Is Family’

Does Science Disprove God?

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