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Sunday, September 1

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: America Discredited, Rules of War, Palestinian Genocide, Facial-Scanning System, Affordable Care Act, Poverty Reduces Brainpower, NSA Email Collection, Israel's Siege of Gaza, Moral Obscenities in Syria, Whistle-blowers Good for Democracy, more.

We have tons of quotes at:

America Totally Discredited

Facebook report reveals governments' requests for user data

Our Democracy?

What Are the Rules of War?

The Palestinian Genocide By Israel

Facial-scanning system for crowds shows improvement in tests by Homeland Security

Is the Affordable Care Act Actually Affordable? For Millennials, Maybe Not

Poverty reduces brainpower

NSA Email Collection Violated 4th Amendment: FISA Court

Why America Cannot Live without Wars

New Snowden revelation details vast US intelligence “black budget”

BBC editor urged colleagues to downplay Israel’s siege of Gaza

What To Expect During The Next Stage Of Collapse

Whistle-Blowers Are Good for Democracy

Fool Me Twice, Shame on US

"It's shocking to me that in this day and age, after what this world has been through, that there can be any argument that what the United States plans to do is legal. For the United States to go in there, you need two sets of laws to be complied with. One is international law, UN law, and the other is our own domestic Constitution of the United States. Since the Second World War, there's only two ways that you can make war on another nation. One is in self-defense. So if you're being attacked by a missile or a rocket from that country, etc., you can use self-defense against that country to try and stop it. And the second one was under the authority of United Nations, the Security Council."—Michael Ratner

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