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Friday, November 29

Free Documentaries: Four Horsemen, Enron, Mars, Book of Secrets, Dangerously Rich, Defeating the Hackers, Mafia's Secret Bunker.

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Four Horsemen

Four Horsemen is a bare-bones documentary about how we can restart the world’s economy. 23 international thinkers, government advisers and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain their ideas on how to establish a moral and just society. This film takes a new look at the current economic climate without bashing bankers or taking sides. It just tells it like it is.

Enron – The Smartest Guys in the Building

Enron – The Smartest Guys in the Building, is a documentary which retells the incredible story of Enron which in just 15 years grew to become the 7th largest company in America with over 21,000 staff Worldwide. This success turned out to be an elaborate scam. Watch the incredible story with eyewitness accounts, recordings and court footage as a huge part of corporate America comes crumbling down.

Mars: The Red Planet

If humans were going to visit another planet in our solar system, the first possible planet would be Mars. Its deserts are similar to earth’s, with dunes and mountains full of iron oxides. Though its atmostphere isn’t friendly to humans, it does have potential similarities to earth, like the possibility of underground oceans and ancient bacteria life-forms. With it being the closest planet to earth, Mars has caught our attention as the first planet we could explore.

America's Book of Secrets: The White House

It is home to the most powerful person in the world, it is a center of global military power and it is one of the most heavily protected fortresses ever built, but behind the classic columns and lush green lawns are secrets, secrets so outrageous, so controversial, so dangerous that they must be kept hidden from the public. There are those that believe in the existence of a book, a book that contains the most highly guarded secrets of the United States of America, a book who’s very existence is known to only a select few but if such a book exists what would it contain? Secret histories, secret plans, secret lies? 

Dangerously Rich: Billionaire Super Security

Protesters, Pirates, even Kidnappers are targeting today's super rich. Some say these threats are intensifying and as a result billionaires from around the world are fortifying their personal security with sophisticated, cutting edge and so called head of state level protection. From high security on the high seas to when the bad guys come, the tools and technologies to take down any intruder at any cost. While their jet setting or on the move an entire industry is on call ready to sell the super rich, super security and even some good old fashioned muscle.

Defeating the Hackers

Exploring the murky and fast-paced world of the hackers out to steal money and identities and wreak havoc with people’s online lives, and the scientists who are joining forces to help defeat them.

Searching for Exile: Truth or Myth

For centuries, Jews have lamented the destruction of their holy city Jerusalem and their temple by the Romans, which they believed was the beginning of their long 2000 years of exile. Exile is not only a religious Jewish belief but for millions of Jewish and non Jewish alike it is a historical fact. But what has been considered as fact for centuries is now being challenged by archeaological evidence unearth across Israel. Here in the ancient town of Sepphoris just 70 miles from Jerusalem evidence points not to a people driven into exile but on the contrary to a population that not only survived but flourished. So why has exile been seen as a reality for thousands of years? and if it did not take place exactly as told, then what accounts for the millions of Jews who over the centuries have settled around the world? and perhaps the inevitable question, what happened to the inhabitance (sic) of places like Sepphoris who were never exiled.

The Mafia's Secret Bunkers

There is a new front line in the war against organized crime. In southern Italy’s rugged highlands a previously unknown criminal group know as the ‘Ndrangheta meet, it’s bosses are some of Europe’s biggest cocaine traffickers. The police are fighting back forcing mafiosi underground into bizarre sophisticated bunkers. From here they run their criminal empires protected by a wall of silence. “They dug up the entire street to bury their bunkers and no body breathed a word”. This is the story of a little known mafia who’s secret inner workings are only now coming to light.

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