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Thursday, August 22

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: Bradley Manning, Government Secrecy, Israel and Egypt, Snowden Leaks, NSA Spying, more.

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United States of Paranoia: How the FBI Spied and Lied So Conspiracy Theorists Would Sound Crazy

13 Things the Government Is Trying to Hide from You

The sentencing of Bradley Manning

When the State Attacks Journalism

Reclaim the power! A call to action against energy austerity

Amid Mideast Arms Race Israel Demands More US Weaponry

Dissent, Disappointment and Draconian Rule: Bradley Manning's Plea and the Fight to Be Human

Right Before Snowden Leaks, President Obama Fired Nearly All Members On Key Intelligence Advisory Board

The “Bankization” of America

Humanity is getting verrrrrrry close to extinction

Citing ‘Terrorism’ to Justify Terror

How school privatization hawks Teach For America promote Israel

To Be A Palestinian, Especially In Gaza

NSA Spying: The Three Pillars of Government Trust Have Fallen

'Jaw-Dropping' Record of Violations Reveals Perils of NSA Self-Policing

Bradley Manning's Sentence: 35 Years for Exposing Us to the Truth

NSA-Corporate Collusion Built Network to Reach 75% of Internet Traffic

New ID rules would threaten citizens' rights

Creationism Advocate Admits That Science Proves Evolution, But Says We Should Believe The Bible Anyway
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