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Monday, August 26

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: Reclaim the Power, NSA Decryption Technology, Climate Crisis, Economics a Science? Atheists Vote, Global Human Rights, Spying Household Items, Monsanto's Gravest Wrongdoings, Capitalism Cannot Be Reformed, Our Common Wealth, Corporate America, Gangster State, Palestinian Children Routinely Tortured, Gun Toting Evangelicals, more.

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Reclaim the power! A call to action against energy austerity

NSA Used Decryption Technology To Spy On The United Nations

Climate Crisis To Harm All Forms Of Marine Life, Finds Study

Is Economics a Science?

Thirteen Things the Government is Trying to Keep Secret from You

Hey Candidates: Atheists Vote, Too -- So Stop Pandering to God!

Bringing global human rights into the surveillance debate

9 Household Items That Could Be Spying on You

NSA's Surveillance Programs Are The "Most Serious Attacks On Free Speech We’ve Ever Seen."

A Noxious History: 5 of Monsanto’s Gravest Wrongdoings

Capitalism Cannot Be Reformed

Our Common Wealth; The Hidden Economy That Makes Everything Else Work

Corporate America: Rapidly Proceeding Down The Road To Its Eventual Demise

Privacy, and open government: both under assault

NSA admits: Our analysts ‘willfully violated’ rules of surveillance system

Bradley Manning and the Gangster State

Palestinian children routinely tortured, some threatened with rape: Israel rights group

Gun bible flagIn Defiance of Christ’s Teachings Right Wing Evangelicals Become Gun Toting Maniacs

Creating Chilling Effects On Speech Is A Feature, Not A Bug, Of The Surveillance State

Study Finds Wealth Gives Rise to a Sense of Entitlement and Narcissistic Behaviors

Victims Of Forced Labor: 21 Million

The UnAmerican Way
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