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Monday, November 12

12.Nov.2012 - Iran Clashes with US Drone, Future of US Global Power, Empty Politics of Duopoly, Restoring US Democracy, US Violates Iran Agreement, Palestine Entangled, Occupy Sandy Helps Hurricane Victims, Taxing the Rich, Food Movement Full Speed Ahead, Voting Rights Act, Obama's Militancy, Americans Hate Their Own Government, Capitalism is Devouring American Culture, Record Number of Women Serve in Congress

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Getting the US elections out of proportion
On the eve of the US elections the Arab media has been full of analyses and forecasts about the consequences of the results and their potential impact on the turbulent Middle Eastern area with its conflicts, crises and revolutions.

Superstorm Sandy—a People's Shock?

Less than three days after Sandy made landfall on the East Coast of the United States, Iain Murray of the Competitive Enterprise Institute blamed New Yorkers’ resistance to big-box stores for the misery they were about to endure. Writing on, he explained that the city’s refusal to embrace Walmart will likely make the recovery much harder: “Mom-and-pop stores simply can’t do what big stores can in these circumstances,” he wrote.

Iran confirms clash with US drone, claims it was in Iranian airspace (+video)
The US says the drone was flying in international airspace; last year, a CIA stealth drone was brought down deep inside Iran. The aerial confrontation comes as more nuclear talks loom.

Beyond Bayonets and Battleships:
Space Warfare and the Future of U.S. Global Power

Amid all the post-debate media chatter, however, not a single commentator seemed to have a clue when it came to the profound strategic changes encoded in the president’s sparse words. Yet for the past four years, working in silence and secrecy, the Obama administration has presided over a technological revolution in defense planning, moving the nation far beyond bayonets and battleships to cyberwarfare and the full-scale weaponization of space. In the face of waning economic influence, this bold new breakthrough in what’s called “information warfare” may prove significantly responsible should U.S. global dominion somehow continue far into the twenty-first century.

US Elections: The Empty Politics of Duopoly
In the nation that gave birth to the marketing concept of branding, it is to be assumed that politicians would eventually adopt the same techniques used to promote consumer products – enter Obama. After eight years under the Bush administration, America desperately needed change. Instead of any meaningful structural reform, America ushered in a global super star whose charm and charisma not only resuscitated American prestige, but also masked the continued dominance of deregulators, financiers, and war-profiteers.

Restoring Democracy In The United States
The Occupy Wall Street movement's slogan, “We are the 99%”, points to the fact that a very small power elite, perhaps only 1% of the population, has a hugely disproportionate amount of economic and political power in the United States. In this sense, the United States is no longer a democracy, since neither the economic system nor the government serve the will and needs of the people.

US Violates Agreement; Punishes Iran
In its latest act of blatant hypocrisy, the Obama administration has sanctioned Iran over internet and media censorship . The Administration's pretentious concern for the Iranian peoples' welfare is all the more offensive in light of the harsh, illegal, and life-threatening sanctions imposed on that nation, aptly described byThe New England Journal of Medicine as a “ war against public health ” ( Gowans ).

Palestine Entangled: The Politics of Money
Working under the umbrella of Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM), the group shows solidarity through empowerment projects: interest free loans for micro projects, providing employment for women, supplying thousands of solar lamps aimed at ending the persistent darkness for many families, and more.

The sign outside the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Clinton Hill. (photo: Gabrielle Alfiero)

Occupy Sandy Offers Aid to Hurricane Victims
he sanctuary at the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew on Clinton Avenue is brimming with donated clothes, children's books and diapers. The church's heavy wooden doors are open and the air inside is cool. Volunteers in wool hats and down jackets flit about, chatting with each other as they assemble care packages with toothbrushes and toothpaste and load cars with cleaning supplies and bottled water to deliver to neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

The Next Game of Economic Chicken: Taxing the Rich
ith the election behind us I had hoped we'd get beyond games of chicken. No such luck.

Full Speed Ahead for Food Movement, Despite GMO-Labeling Loss
upporters of California's Proposition 37 are not giving up the fight after Tuesday's rejection. In fact, they're saying that the organizing around the initiative helped forge a diffuse group of individuals interested in healthy food into a powerful, organized movement.

President Obama in the Oval Office, Oct. 31, 2011, signing an executive order directing the Food and Drug Administration to take steps to reduce drug shortages. Will he act on GMO labeling? (photo: Charles Dharapak/AP)

Will Obama Fulfill His 2007 Promise to Label GMOs?
ith the passing of election day 2012, massive awareness was spread throughout the country thanks to the California GMO labeling bill known as Proposition 37. While the bill did not passthrough California legislation due to the many dirty tactics employed by the 'No on 37' campaign such as falsely using FDA backing and even sending out fake voting flyers, it has truly invigorated the discussion on proper GMO labeling. Labeling that was promised back in 2007 by the newly re-elected Barack Obama.

Supreme Court to Review Key Section of Voting Rights Act
he Supreme Court said Friday it will review a key provision of the Voting Rights Act that has been the federal government's most forceful tool in protecting minority rights at the polls. The decision ensures that race and civil rights will be the hallmark of the current Supreme Court term.

Obama's Post-Election Militancy
Obama didn't miss a beat. He picked up where he left off. He's America's most belligerent leader. He's waging multiple direct and proxy wars abroad and at home by other means.

Obama Won, But He Still Has to Contend with Millions of Americans Taught to Hate Their Own Government

It's no small obstacle that tens of millions of voters think government is the problem.

If We Call Obama "Progressive," Are We Ignoring His Record?

Broadcaster Tavis Smiley and professor and activist Dr. Cornel West discuss President Obama’s re-election, and what kind of president we have on our hands.

How America Is Turning into a 3rd World Nation in 4 Easy Steps

It starts with destroying our manufacturing base.

How Raw Capitalism Is Devouring American Culture

The publishing industry is teetering again as Random House and Penguin plan to merge. It's time for a government policy to protect the arts

Wall Street's Plan to Push Obama to Betray Those Who Elected Him

Through its lobbying group Third Way and media mouthpieces, Wall Street is determined to destroy the social safety net.

Christian Teacher Burned Crosses onto Students' Arms and Pushed Creationism -- Now He's Claims His "Free Speech" Was Violated?

A teacher who allegedly burned students and contested validity of evolutionary theory filed a lawsuit charging that his right to free speech and academic freedom had been violated.

Record Number Of Women Will Serve In Congress
Elizabeth Warren

4 out of 5 House "Flat Earthers" Get the Boot

Climate-lovers are happy about some of the hawks elected on Tuesday. But they're also cheering the unceremonious dismissal of several congressional climate villains. That includes four of the lawmakers that the League of Conservation Voters deemed the"Flat Earth Five" and spent $3 million to unseat

Who's helping, who's not
Hint: FEMA is not

The Red Cross is NOT helping
Just like after 9/11 and Katrina

What is the government good for?
Not a whole lot it turns out

She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for!

Lifting the Veil: Obama and the Failure of Capitalist Democracy

We Got This (Occupy Sandy)

After the 2012 Election: WINEP Discusses Implications for U.S. Middle East Policy

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