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Friday, October 26

26.Oct.2012 - Misinformation Election Campaigns, Democracy Bought by Billionaires, California's Proposition 37, CEO Tax Dodgers, WikiLeaks Reveals Human Rights Abuses, CIA is a Criminal Organization, Populations Problem, NSA Snooping, Atheists Perform Weddings, Republican Rape Platform, Illegal to Resell Stuff?

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As Election Day Closes In, Voters Bombarded by Misinformation Campaigns

Voter intimidation and misinformation efforts are in full force this election season.

What’s At Stake When Billionaires Try to Buy Our Democracy

The shameless spectacle of billionaires drowning the airwaves should not numb us to the consequences of what is at stake if the super rich succeed in buying our elections.

America's Failed Formula for Worldwide War

How the Empire Changed Its Face, But Not Its Nature

Prop 37: California's Fight for GM Labeling Should Matter to All of US

If California were a country, with its population approaching 40 million, it would be among the 30 most populous nations on Earth. The economic, political and cultural impacts of California on the rest of the United States are huge. That is why citizen ballot initiatives in California—and any state law, for that matter—can carry such significance. Of the 11 initiatives before the 2012 California electorate, one drawing perhaps the most attention is Proposition 37, on the labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Whether or not this ballot passes could have a significant impact on how our food system is organized, favoring small, local organic-food producers (if it passes), or allowing for the increased expansion of large, corporate agribusiness (if it fails).

Bernie Sanders Calls Out CEO Tax Dodgers over Deficit, Hypocrisy

Senator Bernie Sanders called out a group of the top US CEOs Thursday in a new reportrevealing top corporate tax dodgers in the US and urged those dodgers to 'look in the mirror' for the causes of America's ballooning deficit. The report followed a joint statement issued Thursday morning by the top 80 US CEOs, pleading to Congress for a deficit reduction plan that would include cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and a decrease in taxes "for the top 2%."

WikiLeaks Reveals 'Systematized Human Rights Abuses' at US Detention Facilities

Whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks released a new series of secret files from the US government Wednesday pertaining to treatment of foreign prisoners at military prisons such as Guantánamo Bay, including guidelines for military officials that reveal vast institutionalized human rights abuses.

Proposing A Vision Of A New Earth
The following article is based on a presentation by Share The World’s Resources for the World Public Forum ‘Dialogue of Civilisations’ 10th Anniversary Conference, Rhodes, October 2012

CIA Is The Foremost Criminal Organization In The World: Sherwood Ross
American journalist and political commentator Sherwood Ross believes that CIA is the world's foremost criminal organization and that the anti-Iranian sanctions of the United States and its European allies are contrary to the principles of human rights.

The Populations Problem
The population problem should be considered from the point of view of all populations — populations of both humans and their artifacts (cars, houses, livestock, cell phones, etc.) — in short, populations of all “dissipative structures” engendered, bred, or built by humans.

1Revolution: Just Do It
“It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the problem." - G.K. Chesterton

Operation Get Rid of the Vote
From members of both parties, as well as the media that cover them, it's a constant refrain that America is the "world's greatest democracy"--where citizens from every corner of society determine how their country is governed with their votes.

SCOTUS must be last bulwark against NSA snooping
Later this month, the Supreme Court will hear a case that could define the government’s ability to monitor innocent Americans’ international communications without a warrant. The lawsuit, Amnesty International v. Clapper, argues that the Constitution bars the National Security Agency from listening to or reading Americans’ international conversations and emails without court oversight, even if Congress blesses the NSA’s actions.

Exclusive: E-voting puts vote accuracy at risk in four key states

In four battleground states – Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, and Colorado – glitches in electronic-voting machines could produce erroneous tallies that would be difficult to detect and potentially impossible to correct, a Monitor analysis finds.

Atheist Group Argues In Court For Right To Perform Weddings

The ACLU says Indiana's marriage laws are unconstitutional because they do not allow non-religious organizations to marry people.

Romney's Momentum Seems to Have Stopped
Mitt Romney only gained ground in one of eight national polls taken on Wednesday. (photo: Jim Young/Reuters)he term "momentum" is used very often in political coverage - but reporters and analysts seldom pause to consider what it means.

The Real Republican Rape Platform

The latest Republican rape commentary comes from Romney-endorsed Indiana senatorial candidate Richard Mourdock

Will SCOTUS Make It Illegal to Resell Your Stuff?
The Supreme Court will hear the case below on Monday October 29th. For more information see ACT NOW: DON'T LET BIG BUSINESS STEAL OUR RIGHT TO RESELL WHAT WE OWN!

Debt Collection Agencies to Come Under Federal Supervision
Debt collection agencies will soon be monitored by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. (photo: Tucson Citizen)Starting in January, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) will oversee large debt collection agencies and work to prevent the use of aggressive tactics against Americans struggling to pay off loans and other monies they owe. About 30 million Americans are currently being pursued by debt collectors, with the average amount coming in at $1,500.

Brazil's evangelical churches rewrite the rules of politics

The Catholic nation's evangelical Christians are gaining influence — and using it to sway elections. The trend has others uneasy over the blatant mixing of church and state.

Church Appeal on Israel Angers Jewish Groups

A letter signed by 15 leaders of Christian churches that calls for Congress to reconsider giving aid to Israel because of accusations of human rights violations has outraged Jewish leaders and threatened to derail longstanding efforts to build interfaith relations.

Bush All Over Again: Mitt Romney Is Trojan Horse for the Neocons

Despite the bloody and costly catastrophe in Iraq, the neocons' warmongering dream is still alive -- and Romney shares their illusions.

Russia to block any UN bid for military action against Iran

Ultra-Orthodox Jews shout at a policeman during a protest against the opening of a road on the Sabbath (Reuters)Russia will scuttle any UN Security Council resolution that could be interpreted as allowing military action against Iran, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday, October 23, according to RIA Novosti.

Israeli Jews Support Apartheid Regime, Survey Reveals

A survey commissioned by a US-based non-profit organisation has claimed that the majority of Jews in Israel supports an apartheid regime if Israel annexes the West Bank.

American election, Egyptian perspectives
Where the world sees two radically opposed candidates, the Egyptian street sees two sides of the same coin.

Law Enforcement Looking To Create A Searchable Database Of Everywhere Your Vehicle Has Been

Back in August, Mike wrote about some questionable sharing of license plate information between the US Border Patrol and various insurance companies. While the stated aim of tracking stolen vehicles might seem to make this sharing justified, the fact that this is going on with no oversight or accountability is cause for alarm.

Economist's Defense Of Perpetual Copyright: It's Best To Just Ignore The Economics

Jerry Brito recently had Liebowitz join him on the Surprisingly Free podcast to discuss a paper Liebowitz wrote entitled Is Efficient Copyright a Reasonable Goal? Liebowitz, if you're unfamiliar with him, has become the MPAA/RIAA's favorite economist over the last few years, and they tend to trot him out in various debates over file sharing. He also seems to have what feels like a personal vendetta against economists Felix Oberholzer-Gee & Koleman Strumpf, who have repeatedly shown how weaker copyrights have benefited society.

Wikileaks begins release of confidential US 'detainee policies' 
Photo source or descriptionThe controversial intelligence-leaking website Wikileaks [website; JURIST news archive] on Thursday began releasing [press release] a series of confidential US detainee policies [Wikileaks page], according to the website. The site said that it will release "more than 100 classified or otherwise restricted files from the United States Department of Defense" over the next month. Wikileaks said that many of the documents that will be released exemplify US "policies of unaccountability." One of the first documents to be released is the standard operating procedure (SOP) manual for Guantanamo Bay [JURIST backgrounder]. 

Why Don't the Democrats Go After Non-Religious Voters?

Soul-searching by the Democratic Party led some of its leaders to a natural conclusion: the future of the party lay in the hands of church-going voters, and the party had better win them back. They were wrong.

Obama Has Promoted An Anti-Climate Change Agenda

Environmental groups have been complaining in the media that the words "climate change" were not mentioned in the recent Presidential debates.
What the environmental groups should be complaining about is what Obama and Romney have said about climate change.

Globalism is the #1 Risk Facing Humanity

In the past - diseases like tuberculosis and malaria have been number one health concerns around the world. But not anymore. In today's world - globalization is the number one health risk facing humanity. A new study released this week by the Blacksmith Institute reveals, for the first time ever, the impact of industrial pollutants on communities across the planet. It found that industrial waste dump sites containing lead, mercury, chromium, pesticides, and other toxic horrors, poison more than 125 million people in 49 different low and middle income nations around the planet.

How JP Morgan "supports" the troops
Illegal foreclosures on soldiers overseas

The new US health care program

Terry O’Neill: Men Like Mourdock ‘Refuse to Acknowledge the Full Humanity of Women’

Frontline: In-Depth Investigation into the Climate Denial Industry

Occupy Wall Street Is A Thought Revolution

Sarah Silverman: Corporations Are People

California's Landmark Initiative to Label GMO Food

Prop 34: Ex-San Quentin Prison Warden Jeanne Woodford Backs California Measure to End Death Penalty

A Life Sentence for Stealing Socks? California’s Prop 36 to Decide Future of Three-Strikes Law

Valeria "Munique" Tachiquin: U.S. Agent Kills Young Mother of 5 in Latest of Growing Border Deaths

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