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Thursday, October 18

18.Oct.2012 - FREE BOOK! Terrorist Tried to Blow Up NYC Federal Reserve, Economic Inequality Must Be Part of the Debate, Standing Up to the Frackers, Days of Revolt, American-Style Fascism, EU Wages War on Free Expression, Twitter's 1st Act of Censorship, 15% Less Young People Will Vote in 2012, Risky Business of Eating in America, Non-Religious Are Here, Secular Movement Can Reshape Policies, US Talks of Extending Afghanistan Occupation, US Violent and Property Crime Up in 2011

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Man arrested in alleged terror plot in NYCAlleged terrorist arrested for trying to blow up Federal Reserve building in NYC
A young man was arrested on Wednesday for attempting to blow up the Federal Reserve building in New York City. According to NBC 4 New York, 21-year-old Quazi Mohammed Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis is an immigrant from Bangladesh, here on a student visa since January. He was studing cyber security at a college in Missouri, reported CNN News.

A Tennessee employee is reinstated and compensated after winning whistleblower case

OpEd: Whistleblowers can help prevent future food fiascosOpEd: Whistleblowers can help prevent future food fiascos

The first thing to understand about the XL Foods recall is that it was almost certainly preventable. As in all such incidents, those responsible would have us believe it was some kind of fluke, unforeseeable and beyond human control. This is unlikely.
1. Romney attempted to convey the impression that he has worked to increase women's employment as governor, reaching out to women's groups and receiving "binders of women" from them. (Yes, that is what he said). But Romney made no effort to hire women managers at Bain Capital, and even today only 4 of out of 49 of Bain's managing directors are women.

Economic Inequality Must Be Part of the Debate!

The future of our democracy is at stake. For four decades, the divide between the rich and the poor has been widening -- that didn't just start with this administration. We have allowed our government to be bought and sold by a few lobbyists and the billionaires and millionaires who line their pockets with oil, prison, war, gun and insurance money. In those forty years, there has not been anyone that has represented these hijackers of our democracy better than "Money" Mitt Romney. He is THEIR guy! That is precisely why the Super PACs spend most of their money on his campaign (4 to 1), because they know that he is for sale, like a NASCAR driver.

Part of the Spectra Pipeline under construction in New YorkStanding up to the frackers

Peter Rugh reports on grassroots protests in New York City and elsewhere calling attention to the environmental damage caused by fracking.

Exclusive Interview: Chris Hedges: Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

Another extraordinary interview with Chris, again showing what a visionary, revolutionary We discuss his new book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt written with illustrator Joe Sacco

American-Style Fascism

On October 16, Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY) hosted the second Obama/Romney charade. Demagogic blather again took center stage. Ritualistic theater was featured. Grade F spectacle defines it. 

EU Wages War on Free Expression

Free expression in all forms is fundamental. Without it, all other freedoms are at risk. Included are free speech, thought, culture, intellectual inquiry, and press freedom.

NYPD Sergeant illegally confiscates OWS info fliers, Donations, then gropes protesters breast

After months of trying to confiscate the information Occupy Wall Street provides to the public on a daily basis, they got their chance when the person responsible for the information table stepped away for a moment, leaving another long-time protester in charge of it. At 1:10 A.M. Lt. Connelly did a walk-though to inspect for violations of NYPD orders.

U.S. Joins Israel in Blockading Higher Education Opportunities for Students in Gaza

As another international activist ship is on the high seas to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza, the United States government has joined with Israel to blockade higher education opportunities for students in Gaza and the West Bank.  

Twitter’s First Act Of Censorship Silences Neo-Nazi Profile In Germany
Back in January Twitter unveiled a revision to their stance on censorship – namely, that while they agreed that the tweets must continue to flow, Twitter’s increasing position on the international stage meant that, inevitably, they would have to work with governments and enforcement agencies on a per-country basis in order to better serve their respective values and norms with regard to freedom of expression.

Presidential Polls 2012: 15 Percent Less Young People Will Vote in 2012

This morning the Harvard Public Opinion Project released our bi-annual poll of over 2,000 18-29 year olds from all across the United States. The poll provides a unique insight into millennial thinking about the 2012 election especially in comparison to our previous polling going back over a decade.

The Risky Business of Eating in America

Consumer Reports found varying levels of arsenic in more than 60 rices and rice products. (photo: Consumer Reports)ong before human beings decoded the human genome or split the atom, they discovered that arsenic is very good at killing things. The ancient Romans prized it as a murder weapon because it could be mixed into food or drink without altering its color, taste, or smell. Plus, a tiny dose kills without fail.

Five Reasons Politicians Can No Longer Ignore the Nones

The news on “nones” is the latest hot topic.(1) Not just around secular movement water coolers, but in the mainstream media. Major newspapers read: “losing our religion,” “one in five Americans reports no religious affiliation” and “labeled ‘nones’ because they claim either no religious preference or no religion at all.” While the public focus is on the changing religious identity of the average American, the takeaway for elected officials should be this: the religious unaffiliated are a growing segment of the electorate. 

We are here. We have no religion. Get used to it.

On Tuesday, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life published itsnewest findings on the religiously unaffiliated or "nones". The study finds that nearly 20 percent of Americans are unaffiliated. What's more, they grew up with religion  and now are unaffiliated (74 percent), aren't looking for a religion (88 percent) and feel religion has no place in politics (67 percent). In short: they are happy without religion and don't want it imposed on them.

The Secular Movement Can Reshape Public Policy

With a new survey from Pew showing that about one in five Americans are now religiously unaffiliated, it would be reasonable to ask what impact, if any, the rapidly growing secular movement will have on public policy. (Among those under 30, the percentage is even higher: one in three.) This enormous demographic, silent for so long, is finding its voice, and the fallout could be significant.

Debates should probe Obama’s ‘Big Brother’ expansion, according to politicians, journalists and privacy activists
Discussion of the continued expansion of the “Big Brother” surveillance apparatus in the United States in recent years has been notably absent during the presidential debates, raising concern among journalists, politicians and privacy rights activists that candidates aren’t being pressed or even queried on what they see as a continuing erosion of civil liberties in the country.

Report: Welfare government’s single largest budget item in FY 2011 at approx. $1.03 trillion
The government spent approximately $1.03 trillion on 83 means-tested federal welfare programs in fiscal year 2011 alone — a price tag that makes welfare that year the government’s largest expenditure, according to new data released by the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee.

US in talks on extending Afghanistan occupation past 2014 deadline

Washington is holding talks to arrange for the continued occupation of Afghanistan by tens of thousands of US troops after the ostensible deadline for withdrawal at the end of 2014.

Morgan Stanley fine upheld in electricity price-fixing scam

A Federal District Court judge in Manhattan has upheld a $4.8 million fine against Morgan Stanley for creating a complex derivatives deal between the utility KeySpan Corporation and its nominal competitor, Astoria Generating Company, enabling KeySpan to illegally profit by maintaining some of the highest electricity rates in the country.

US violent, property crime rates increased in 2011: DOJ
Photo source or descriptionThe US Department of Justice (DOJ) [official website] announced Wednesday that both violent crime and property crime rates increased from 2010 to 2011 [report, PDF; press release]. This is the first time the DOJ has reported an increase in crime rates since 1993. Overall violent crime, which the DOJ defines as rape or sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated and simple assault, increased by 17 percent. Property crime, which the DOJ defines as burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft, increased by 11 percent. The DOJ attributed the increase in violent crime to an increase in reported assaults, emphasizing that rates for the other areas stayed steady or dropped. 

10 Things Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Don't Want Americans to Know

There's a reason Ryan and Romney duck and weave all the time.

Moyers: How Corporations and Right-Wing Groups Take Aim at Judges Whose Rulings They Dislike

There’s a movement afoot to punish judges for decisions that offend political partisans.

America R.I.P.
In the 21st century the opportunity society has disappeared. Middle class jobs are scarce. Indeed, jobs of any kind are scarce. To stay even with population growth from 2002 through 2011, the economy needed about 14 million new jobs. However, at the end of 2011 there were only 1 million more jobs than in 2002.

Why Not Vote For Stein, Goode Or Johnson?
Third-Party Candidates Could Spell Trouble for Obama, Romney

Let’s Shake Up Presidential Debates

LdAs the candidates gear up for Tuesday night’s second presidential debate, it occurs to me how strange a ritual this is. President Obama, according to Helene Cooper of the New York Times, is focusing his preparation on tactics rather than substance:

Why Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Change the World

What is the meaning of the viral cat phenomenon? When future historians attempt to decode this moment in history, what will they make of this

Privatization Pushback: Civil Society Slams Water Privatization Conditions for EU Bailouts

Civil society groups Wednesday are slamming the European Commission's continued insistence that privatization of municipal water systems be a condition for receiving rescue funds, a plan the groups describe as "economically, socially and democratically flawed."

Green Party Candidates Arrested Outside Presidential Debate

Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein and her vice presidential running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested Tuesday outside the venue at Hofstra Unviersity where President Obama and Republican challeger Mitt Romney later met for their nationally televised debate.

How We Gained the Ability to Create Our Own End Times

Here was the oddest thing: within weeks of the United States dropping an atomic bomb on a second Japanese city on August 9, 1945, and so obliterating it, Americans were already immersed in new scenarios of nuclear destruction.  As the late Paul Boyer so vividly described in his classic book By the Bomb’s Early Light, it took no time at all -- at a moment when no other nation had such potentially Earth-destroying weaponry -- for an America triumphant to begin to imagine itself in ruins, and for its newspapers and magazines to start drawing concentric circles of death and destruction around American cities while consigning their future country to the stewardship of the roaches. 

Stoning Rebellious Children? A Look At Dominionism

There’s a story going around the internet about a candidate for state officein Arkansas who wrote a book that argues, among other things, that parents should be able to have rebellious children executed. Here’s moreCharlie Fuqua, the Republican candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives who called forexpelling Muslims from the United States in his book, also wrote in support for instituting the death penalty for “rebellious children.”

'New Jim Crow' or public safety?

Activist says sweeps target blacks; DA defends arrests of "dangerous felons"

GMO Ticking Time Bomb

Toxic tuna

The Lame Rules for Presidential Debates: A Perfect Microcosm of US Democracy

What Government Does for You

Prop 37 Could Set National Tone On Labeling Genetically Modified Food

Shane Bauer, American Hiker, Reveals Iran Imprisonment Details

Evidence Of War Crimes: Bloody Vengeance in Sirte 

Lisa Graves: How Extreme Wealth Is Harming Our Democracy

Green Party Candidates Arrested, Shackled to Chairs For 8 Hours For Trying to Enter Debate

Rev. Billy Talen - Occupy the Pipeline

Food for All, Yield for the Masses: Jarrett Chambers at TEDxWinnipeg

Green Party Candidates Arrested, Shackled to Chairs For 8 Hours After Trying to Enter Hofstra Debate

Exclusive: Expanding the Debate with Third-Party Candidates Jill Stein, Virgil Goode, Rocky Anderson

Israeli regime orchestrated 9/11 attacks: Dankof

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