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Friday, July 27

Black Bloc - Introduction [VIDEO]

Uploaded by  on Dec 25, 2011
To The People
Who Don`t Understand
why Black Bloc Activists
Use Militant Tactics
To Destroy Corporate Property
Black Bloc Activists Are NOT Protesters
They are not there to protest
they are there to take direct action
against the machineries of oppression
Their actions are designed to cause material damage
to oppressive institutions
But much more importantly
they are intended as theatre
As a dramatized illustration
that even in the face of an overwhelming police state
the people still have the power
That the cops and banks aren't as powerful
as they try to convince us
and it really is within our power
to strike back
if they turn against us
And that defying authority
and subverting "law and order"
doesn't have to mean abandoning ethics,
or care for your fellow man.

These are vital lessons
that the public needs to be reminded of
now more than ever
Even if you disagree with the particulars
I hope most people can agree
that those in power
should fear the public
police blatantly and smugly
disregarding people's basic rights
it seems that they have lost that healthy fear
It seems they see the public as a docile mass
to be herded and controlled at will
Militant protest is an effort
to keep the threat alive
in a way that standing around
waving signs never will
and for that we should be glad of it

The more completely we forget our power
to strike back at those who would dominate us
the more complete their domination becomes.




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