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Wednesday, October 17

17.Oct.2012 - Anti-Science Beliefs Jeopardize U.S. Democracy, U.S. Military Prepares to Strike Libya, What They Didn't Say at the Debate, Banks Profits Increase, Global Sharing Economy, CNN Anchor Clashes with Anti-Gay Activist, Sound of Climate Science, the 1% are Manipulating Christians, Lessons About Surveillance from the Iron Curtain, FoxConn Works 14yo's as Interns, Anti-Anarchist Witch-Hunt, Food Dyes and Child Behavior

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Anti-science Beliefs Jeopardize U.S. Democracy
The United States faced down authoritarian governments on the left and right. Now it may be facing an even greater challenge from within.

US Prepares Military Strikes As Libya Crisis Deepens
The White House is considering launching drone strikes and Special Forces raids in retaliation for the fatal September 11 attacks on the US consulate and a CIA facility in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi, the Associated Press reported Monday.

The Debate; What They Didn't Say
The reason I'm writing more these days is because I was going to lay low while I applied for my passport and then to move to Ecuador. I have decided that I'm not going to let them scare me away. I feel that it is more important to stand up for what you believe in then to slink away with my heart on my sleeve.

Bank Profits Increase
Banks’ profit is not influenced by widespread poverty among the common persons. These firms profit while the ordinary citizens encounter hunger, unemployment, and many sorts of hardship. This makes it a “tricky” economy, an economy driven by profit motive only.

It’s Time To Prioritise The Global Sharing Economy
There is much talk about the need for greater sharing in our societies today, in everything from household goods and peer-to-peer services to cooperative enterprises and the ‘commons’. But we often fail to acknowledge one of the most important examples of sharing in the modern world: systems of universal welfare provision.

Selling Coke, And Catastrophe: Activism Of The Concerned Celebrities'
He used to sell Coke and charge a hefty sum for that. Now he is selling concerns and is charging an equally hefty sum for that as well. When he used to sell Coke, he did not bother much with what it was doing to the lives of people of Plachimada. Now, when he is peddling the stories of pain, he seems to be least bothered with finer nuances that shape and sustain these miseries.

A World Parliament On Its Way To Gaza
Today, off the shores of Crete, Greece, the last group came onboard the Estelle. The Freedom Flotilla Coalition tall ship, The Estelle is on its way to Gaza carrying Parliamentarians from Greece (Vangelis Diamandopoulos), Norway (Aksel Hagen), Spain (Ricardo Sixto Iglesias) and Sweden (Sven Britton); and a retired Canadian Parliamentarian (Jim Manly - see his personal message below*). On the Estelle now are citizens of Canada, Finland, Greece, Israel, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

Israel vs. No. 2 Pencils
As countless students around the world took the SAT a week ago, Palestinians from the West Bank could not join their ranks. The October SAT exam was cancelled for students in the West Bank: The Israeli authorities held the exams sent by the College Board for weeks, not releasing the tests to AMIDEAST’s office in Ramallah.

Press TV Ban Tantamount To Human Rights Violation
The recent EU move to take Press TV off the air is to be seen as part of a continued process of media violation against this alternative channel.

CNN Anchor Clashes with Anti-Gay Activist; Tosses Him From the Show
After he says a tolerance program is like "poisoned Halloween candy" she says, "buh-bye"

The Sound of Climate Silence: Romney and Obama Spar Over Who Wants to Drill For More Fossil Fuels During Debate
Those concerned about climate change were sorely disappointed during Tuesday night’s town hall-style debate.

How Propagandists for the 1% Are Manipulating Christian Teachings to Rob the Middle Class The neoliberal utopianism that caused the financial crisis has been repackaged for the 2012 election.

Romney: Forget Equal Pay, Ladies -- How About More Time to Cook Dinner?
A clunky answer to an easy question.

Student Loan Complaints Resemble Mortgage Woes
Some private student loan borrowers who are struggling to repay their debts are facing the same frustrations with servicers that have plagued mortgage borrowers, the U.S. consumer agency said in a report released on Tuesday.

Does Surveillance Affect Us Even When We Can’t Confirm We’re Being Watched? Lessons From Behind the Iron Curtain 
During the Cold War, as I argued last week, the totalitarian governments of the Soviet bloc functioned as a standing warning to Americans of the dangers of unchecked surveillance—lessons that we would do well to remember despite the fall of the Iron Curtain. As it happens, a coalition of civil liberties organizations from around the world has made a similar point in a very interesting amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court as it prepares to hear arguments two weeks from today in Amnesty et al. v. Clapper, our challenge to the FISA Amendments Act. (That legislation retroactively legalized much of the Bush administration’s unconstitutional warrantless NSA spying program.)

Foxconn admits employing 14 year-old ‘interns’ in China
The company, which makes products for Apple and Sony, admitted it hired the underage workers as part of an internship programme, reflecting a practice rights groups said is widespread among enterprises in China. “This is not only a violation of China’s labour law, it is also a violation of Foxconn policy,” the company said in a statement late Tuesday, referring to Chinese rules that set the legal minimum age for workers at 16.

An anti-anarchist witch-hunt
Johnny Mao, Brit Schulte and Ben Silverman detail the case of three activists in the Pacific Northwest who are in jail for refusing to testify before a grand jury.

The big lie about tax cuts and jobs
Tax cuts for business have been a complete failure at creating jobs, but they serve another purpose for political leaders: creating a fiscal train wreck to justify austerity.

Food dyes and children's behavior
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