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Tuesday, October 16

16.Oct.2012 - Part Two: Anti-U.S. Protests in Okinawa, National Debt and Our Children, Israeli ''Preventative'' War on Iran, Welcome to Police State Amerika, U.S. Munitions Cause Iraqi Birth Defects, Politics of Political Harassment, Romney's Religious Devotion, Unfettered Corporate Greed, Americans Who Love Authority, Community Food Justice, Food Can Kill or Heal, End of Economic Growth?

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A wave of anti-U.S. protests in Okinawa

Osprey aircraft deployed by Marines in Okinawa, Japan (Sgt. Daniel K. Brown)Khury Petersen-Smith reports on unrest in Japan as the U.S. military escalates its weaponry and troop presence in a region vulnerable to war and violence

The National Debt and Our Children: How Dumb Does Washington Think We Are?

While much of the country is focused on the presidential race, the Wall Street gang is waging a different battle; they are preparing an assault on Social Security and Medicare. This attack is not exactly secret. There have been a number of pieces on this corporate-backed campaign in the media over the last few months, but the drive is nonetheless taking place behind closed doors.

New Senate Push to Pledge Unconditional Support for Israeli “Preventive” War on Iran
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is planning to press the Senate next month to pledge U.S. troops, money, and political support to Israel should Bibi Netanyahu launch a preventive war on Iran.

The Former Nation of America Is Gone, Welcome To Police State Amerika
The Bush regime was a catastrophic horror. He did away with habeas corpus, and that was bad enough. In essence, he scrapped the Magna Charta that had been central to our western values for the almost eight hundred years. It is part of our own Constitution. These two values were taken from it.

Another 1 Billion Can Be Fed By Halving Food Loss
An additional one billion can be fed from our current resources, if the food losses could be halved. This can be achieved if the lowest loss percentage achieved in any region could be reached globally*.

Race, Class, And The Immigration Issue In The U.S.
It is astonishing to see how immigration is transforming the United States. Hordes of illegal immigrants are being driven across our southern border every year by the dire macroeconomic circumstances brought on by NAFTA. The result is startling.

Horrors of war: US, UK munitions ‘cause birth defects in Iraq’

US and UK weapons ammunition were linked to heart defects, brain dysfunctions and malformed limbs, according to a recent study. The report revealed a shocking rise in birth defects in Iraqi children conceived after the US invasion.

The old entrance of the Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters displaying the seal of the CIA on the floorWestern spies get discreetly involved in SyriaWestern intelligence agencies are quietly at work supporting the Syrian opposition from Turkey. While governments officially deny involvement, media reports paint an ever clearer picture.

The Politics of Political Harassment: Might It Need A Law Too?

There are right places to discuss politics and wrong ones. Work is a “wrong one.” A job should never be place where you worry about being outed for your political beliefs, nor is it a place where you should be forced to listen to anyone else’s; certainly it’s not a place where you should be browbeaten into political submission in order to maintain your employment. There are enough reasons to sweat your job these days; politics shouldn’t be one of them.

Does Romney’s Religious Devotion Make Him More or Less Trustworthy?

Most religious people like to think so. In fact, many Christians believe that when they are taken up to heaven and the rest of us are Left Behind, the world will descend into an anarchy of deceit, exploitation, and violence. In the words of the New Testament writer, Christians are the salt of the eartha light shining on a hill –a beacon in an otherwise vast moral void. In this view, nonbelief is associated with moral bankruptcy, but the right kind of religious devotion makes people honest and good. In the U.S., a confession of atheism can be thedeath knell for a political candidate. By contrast, a Jesus fish in a business logo says, “We are to be trusted.” Even people who think that religion isn’t true often think that it’s a good moral influence. That is why Chris Rodda’s book title, Liars for Jesus, had a particular bite.

5 Ways America Is Being Hollowed Out by Unfettered Corporate Greed

There's no free market -- just businesses doing whatever they please with virtually zero accountability.

Why Americans Who Love Authority Are More Likely to Vote Republican

Question authority? Obama's your man. Uncomfortable with ambiguity? It's Mitt -- or so says election data.

American Bombs in the Muslim World: The Real Reason Why U.S. Citizens Were Killed in Libya

While the Republicans make political hay from last month’s killings in Libya, the real source of U.S. woes in the Middle East goes unsaid.

Communities Take Food Justice Into Their Own Hands, One Plot at a Time

In some neighborhoods, home gardens are a way to improve food security, environmental responsibility and community engagement one plot at a time.

Ohio AG files response urging Supreme Court to hear early voting appeal 
Ohio officials on Saturday urged [brief, PDF] the US Supreme Court [official website] to approve its request for an emergency stay of an injunction against the state's new early voting regulation. The brief was filed after US President Barack Obama's campaign staff [campaign website] and the Democratic National Committee(DNC) [advocacy website] filed a brief [text, PDF] Friday calling on [JURIST report] the Supreme Court to reject Ohio's request. 

Food can kill - or heal. Info to help you choose wisely.

Just label it!

The End of Economic Growth?

Next 9/11 Might Be Virtual Warns Experts

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