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Friday, November 15

HEADLINES: The 72 Who Rule the World, Human Rights Council Annual Report, Surveillance in Developing Countries, Taxpayers Abandoning the U.S., American Christianity Selfishness, Losers from Lost Wars, Dark Side of Data, more.

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The 72 Who Rule The World

Our annual snapshot of the politicians and financiers, entrepreneurs and CEOs, and billionaire philanthropists who matter most.

The Time Has Come For $15 Minimum Wage

The 10 Giant Corporations That Have Taken Over Much of Our Economy

UN Human Rights Council presents annual report

100 Ways To Undermine The Machine

Development and humanitarian aid initiatives enable surveillance in developing countries

More Taxpayers Are Abandoning the U.S.

Russell Brand: We Deserve More From Our Democratic System

The Gospel of Selfishness in American Christianity

Can you change the world from your living room?

How Evil Can the CIA and NSA Get? How to Restrain US Intelligence Agencies

Democracy Trampled as Big Money Overwhelms Grassroots Campaigns

America's Rampage Through the Middle East

Ever Purchase a Book on Lying? You Might Be on a Govt Watch List

Are Politicians who Cut Food Stamps and Deny Health Access Truly 'Pro-Life'?

6 Things You Buy That Help Support Israeli Brutality

How the Super-Rich Are Abandoning America

U.S. Is a State Sponsor of Terrorism

The Great Austerity Shell Game: Here's How the Capitalist Scam Works

George W. Bush to Raise Money for Group That Converts Jews to Bring About Second Coming of Christ

Silent Soldiers, The Losers From Our Lost Wars

Secret Persuasion: How Big Campaign Donors Stay Anonymous

Top 10 Survival Tips Every Hiker Should Know

The dark side of data (11 talks)

Data can be used for good, harnessed for the betterment of society, but it can also be abused. Find out about some hidden not-so-sunny uses of Big Data.
Curated by TED
Total run time 2:42:36
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