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Friday, November 8

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: Battle Against GMOs, Fight Against Drones, US Decline, Rogue Superpower, Prison Not Working, NSA Surveillance, American Hunger, Politically-Active Atheists, Civil Disobedience, Rejecting Capitalism, more.

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5 Things We Can Learn from the Battle Against GMOs

10 Ways You Can Join the Fight Against Drone Warfare

The Consequences of US Decline

A Rogue Superpower Is All Ears

Why prison is not working

The 'Preventive Constitution' in the Age of NSA Surveillance

Additional NSA Employees Said to Be Following Snowden's Lead

American Hunger and the Christian Right

CIA Has 'Acquired A Taste' For Killing People With Drones; Won't Give It Up

You Will Be Shocked at How Ignorant Americans Really Are

Israel’s Deplorable Human Rights Record

How Atheists Can Be Politically Active

A Brilliant Activist Shows Us a Path to Real Change Through Civil Disobedience

The Orwellian arithmetic of mass surveillance

FBI 'Mistake' Leads To Six Years Of Monitoring Anti-War Website

The people are rejecting free market capitalism

Can, or should, America be saved?

The Price of America Having the Greatest Military in the World? It's Destroying the Country

What militarists don’t want you to know about the labor movement

International Human Rights Bodies Starting to Address NSA Surveillance Practices

Has civil disobedience become too predictable?

US Christian Zionists plan to take over Palestinian university in Israel

The Debate – Israeli Occupation

Corporate Personhood: How Did We Get Here?

JPMorgan: Too Big To Fine

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