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Saturday, November 2

@dustcirclenews - Special Religion Issue! (Radical Christians, the Religious Threat, and the Right-Wing Fraud)

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The Radical Christian Right and the War on Government

The Threat of the Religious Right is as Old as Christianity

The Religious Right Is a Fraud

For the Last Time, the Constitution is Not Based on the Bible

Atheists & Christians on Removing "In God We Trust" from America's Currency

Sam Harris on the ‘banality of evil’ in relation to religious violence

Why Atheists Can’t Be Republicans

The Moral Majority
Tom DeLay

Religious organisations should learn what respect looks like in a secular society

American Legion pulls park funding after atheist official won’t pledge ‘under God’

Ancient skeletons challenge modern religion in ‘humanity’s cradle’

Churches facing challenge as congregations age

Christian Hate Group Threatens To Sue US Military For Labeling Them A Hate Group

10 Facts About The Transforming Global Religious Landscape

5 facts about atheists
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