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Monday, September 16

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: The Social Chasm in America, People Power Helped Prevent a War, NSA and Israel Spying on Each Other, Occupy Movement is Dead, Millions in America Entrenched in Poverty, Economic Inequality Harms Societies, more.

The Video-related content I send out will have a link to the website so you can view the videos, instead of seeing just a list:
The social chasm in America
From American Exceptionalism, Explained

America IS Exceptional And That Needs to Be Cured

People Power Helped Prevent a War -- Is a Transformational Moment Upon Us?

NSA and Israel: Spying on Americans and Each Other

What Convinced Obama To Change His Position On NSA Surveillance?

NSA repeatedly ignored court surveillance rules, documents show

NSA feeds raw intelligence data to Israel

Shield Law Moves Forward, Defines Journalism So That It Leaves Out Wikileaks & Random Bloggers

Standing against both war and dictatorship

iSpy: How the NSA Accesses Smartphone Data

US Wealthy Have Biggest Piece of Pie Ever Recorded

The Occupy Movement is Dead – Long Live Participatory Democracy!

America's Domination Over The Nations of the World is Coming to an End

Holder, former IRS chief taught black churches how to skirt tax code

US condemnation of chemical weapons use not applied to Israel

How Millions in America Get Entrenched in Poverty

The Origins of Our Police State

Why Austerity Fails When the Cuts Get Specific

How Economic Inequality Harms Societies
We feel instinctively that societies with huge income gaps are somehow going wrong. Richard Wilkinson charts the hard data on economic inequality, and shows what gets worse when rich and poor are too far apart: real effects on health, lifespan, even such basic values as trust.

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