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Wednesday, September 25

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: Government's Intrusion, Eric Snowden, Israel's Chemical use, DHS Oversight Consequences, FBI's Post-9/11 Abuses, Low Median Family Income, American Exceptionalism, Alternative to Banks, Total American Surveillance, Christian Right vs. Godless Liberalism, Federal Funding Bill Passed, For-Profit Colleges, Syria is About Gas and Oil, more.

The Video-related content I send out will have a link to the website so you can view the videos, instead of seeing just a list:

Nowhere to Hide: The Government's Massive Intrusion Into Our Lives

NSA leaker Eric Snowden nominated for EU prizeIn this handout photo provided by The Guardian, Edward Snowden speaks during an interview in Hong Kong. Snowden, a 29-year-old former technical assistant for the CIA, revealed details of top-secret surveillance conducted by the United States' National Security Agency regarding telecom data. (Handout, 2013 The Guardian)

Israel's History Of Chemical Weapons Use

Fractured DHS congressional oversight has real world consequences, says report

'Unleashed and Unaccountable': FBI's Post-9/11 Abuse of Power

For-Profit Corporation Is Not A Person With Ability To Exercise Religious Freedom Rights, Federal Court Says

Median Family Income Is Lower Today Than in 1989MedianHouseholdIncome

Why American Exceptionalism Is a Dangerous Sham

The Perfect Alternative to Wall Street Banks

We Live Under a Total Surveillance State in America -- Can We Prevent It from Evolving into a Full-Blown Police State?

Christian Right v Godless Liberalism: Why Do Christians Attack Godless Liberals?

US House passes federal funding bill proposing to defund Affordable Care ActPhoto source or description

How For-Profit Colleges Stay In Business Despite Terrible Track Record

The Proxy 'Civil War' In Syria Is About Gas, Oil And Pipelines

Will Obama the Bomber protect Israel’s WMD?

10 Ways Religious Groups Suck on the Public Purse

DOJ Puts Another Leaker In Jail: The War On Whistleblowers Rolls On

Israel’s killing of five young Palestinians exposes "peace" talks as charade

Clicking ‘like’ is protected by First Amendment, 4th Circuit says

NSA Stories Around The World

NSA Apologist Says The NSA's Actions Are Fine Because 'Privacy Is Dead'

World Citizen Asks United Nations to Disarm America: “The World Cannot Stand Idly By”

Atheism will be ‘the new gay marriage’

Zionist Apartheid: A Crime Against Humanity

The NSA Isn’t the Only Government Agency Destroying Your Right to Privacy

Michael Mann: Global Warming: An Uncontrolled Experiment

In recognition of climate week, Thom talks with renowned climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann about the dangers of global warming. Dr. Mann in concerned we may be running out of time to rein in global temperatures.
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