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Saturday, June 29

@dustcirclenews - Free DOCUMENTARIES: Counter-Intelligence Series, Parts 1-5 - The Company, The Deep State, The Strategy of Tension, Necrophilous, Drone Nation

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It is no secret that CIA is engaged in criminal activities around the world, some of which are quite deadly, some of which are quite provocative in the sense of laying the groundwork for large scale military conflict, and it’s happening in a lot of countries. This is not unique to the United States. The United States learned some of this from the British who learned it in turn during the 19th century when they were a dominant imperial power around the world. They cut their teeth on this stuff.
Part 1: The Company

Part 2: The Deep State

Part 3: The Strategy of Tension

Part 4: Necrophilous

Part 5: Drone Nation

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