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Tuesday, June 25

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: Resisting the Big Brother State, New Thought Police, Syria's Revolution, US Surveillance Drones Acknowledged, Excuse for War, Supreme Court Rulings, Military Presence in Africa, Bible-Thumper Politics, Edward Snowden, more.

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Bradley Manning: Truth on trial? Featuring Exclusive Interview with Julian Assange


Resisting the Big Brother state

American Government and Corporations Are at War With the American People

The new thought police

Walmart Costs U.S. 1 Billion in Foodstamps for Workers Not to Starve to Death

Will the U.S. hijack Syria's revolution?

FBI Director Acknowledges Use Of Surveillance Drones In The US

10 Problems With The Latest Excuse For War

The National Security State and the Whistleblower

Google Challenges NSA Gag Order, Cites 1st Amendment

4 Recent Supreme Court Rulings Show Which Way the Wind Is Blowing: Corporations Are Getting Whatever They Want

How the U.S. Military Presence in Africa Could Spawn a New Era of Radical Terrorism

The Evil Lies of Crazy Bankers: 6 Former Employees Expose Inhuman Greed of BofA

The Fascist State of America

There's a New Fascism on the Rise, and the NSA Leaks Show Us What It Looks Like

Are the Bible Thumpers Losing Their Grip on Our Politics?

How American Society Unravelled After Greedy Elites Robbed the Country Blind

United States of Surveillance

The TRUTH About Whistleblowers Edward Snowden And Bradley Manning

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