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Monday, May 6

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: Patriot Act Double Standard, Stop the Imperial Presidency, Guantanamo Burns $900k/Inmate, Hunger Gains, Infant Mortality, Anti-Constitutional Agendas, Go Fossil Free, Downplaying Israel's Occupation, End Times vs. Climate Change, Corporatocracy Idiots, Palestine Distortion, Failure of Capitalism, Armed Revolution Necessary? more.

Double standard on Patriot Act

Move Over, Koch Brothers: A Bigger, Darker Rightwing Funder Is Out to Destroy Public Education

We've Got to Find a Way to Stop the Imperial Presidency Before It Permanently Destroys Our Great Country

Guantanamo camp burns through $900,000 a year per inmate

The Hunger Gains: Do hunger strikes usually succeed?

The More Vaccines An Infant Receives In Its First Year, The Higher The Mortality Rate

Anti-Activist 'Ag-Gag' Laws Under Fire

Using National Tragedies to Propel Anti-Constitutional Agendas

Torture at Guantanamo: The cover up

War on Whistleblowers: Brave New Foundation's Newest Full-Length Film

Time for Big Green to Go Fossil Free

The President and the Hunger Strike

BBC admits downplaying the scale of Israel’s occupation

6 Insidious Ways You’re Getting Ripped Off, and How to Fight Back

Belief in biblical end-times stifling climate change action in U.S.: study

Obamaheads--like Extreme Right--Are Useful Idiots for Corporatocracy

10 signs that you are one of the 'sheeple'

American media distortion on Palestine

Big Oil Profits—and Tax Breaks—Remain High Despite Sequestration Cuts

Climate Collision Course: CO2 Levels About to Hit 400 PPM

Report: Toxic Chemicals Found in Thousands of Children's Products

The Failure of Capitalism

America's Real Deficit Crisis

You and Your Family Are Guinea Pigs for the Chemical Corporations

6 Brave Govt. Whistleblowers Charged Under the Espionage Act by Obama's Administration

Poll: 29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary in Next Few Years

Why Lobbying Is Now Increasingly In The Shadows

Imperialism Is Now Murdering Stories

Terrorism And The United States

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