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Thursday, May 2

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: Full List of CISPA Supporters, Big Pharma Killing Americans, FBI Spyware, Military Spending, Overpopulation, Presidents' War Crimes, Guantanamo Hunger Strikes, What Christians Need to Know About Judaism, Activist Group Tips, Military Sexual Assault, When Religions Become Evil, Say No to Israeli Apartheid, YouTube Video Censorship, GMO Foods, Family Evictions, Zionism and Congress, Next American Revolution, more.

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The list of members of Congress and over 800 companies who supported CISPA

How Big Pharma Is Killing Americans and Bankrupting the Country

Should You Be Scared of FBI Spyware?

10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America

Distorted Priorities: Military Spending vs. People's Health

Overpopulation: Maybe It’s Time To Offend A Few Folks

US Presidents Must be Prosecuted for Military Aggressions, War Crimes

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strikers Treated Like Animals: Lawyer

Terrorism, Islam and What The Christian Right Needs to Know About Judaism

10 Tips to Make Sure Your Activist Group Isn’t Set Up by the Feds

Ending the Epidemic of Sexual Assault in the Military

Obama renews fight to close Guantanamo: 'It's unnecessary and unsustainable'

When religious beliefs become evil: 4 signs

Ready for Rationing? Why We Should Put the Brakes on Consumption If We Want to Survive

Morgan Freeman and Jian Ghomeshi, say no to Israeli apartheid on May 6

Government Orders YouTube To Censor Protest Videos

Unleash The Massive Power Of The People Against The Forces That Are Ravaging This Country

Why Federal Labeling of Genetically-Engineered Food Matters

A Direct Threat to Whistle Blowers and the Alternative Media

Drones Are Evicting Foreclosed Families

Don't let them use fear to lock down our rights

Monsanto doesn’t want you to know what you’re eating

Zionism And The United States Congress

We love the constitution except when it’s inconvenient

DOJ Helped AT&T, Others Avoid Wiretap Act, Promised Not To Charge Them If They Helped Spy On People

How the US Funds NATO: The Rise of the Global Police Force

Comprehensive Report Finds Evidence of US Torture at Guantánamo

Authoritarianism Has Quietly Enveloped Every Part of American Life -- We Must Fight Back

Americans Under Siege – Has Tomorrow Become a Reality?

Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution

What Does It Mean To Be An “American” Corporation?

When Your Boss Steals Your Wages: The Invisible Epidemic That’s Sweeping America
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