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Monday, May 6

@dustcirclenews - 13 Free DOCUMENTARIES: Peacewalker, I'm a Scientist, War and Peace, West Bank Resistance, Al Capone Legend, Real Journalism, Eating Insects, Forgotten Man, Build a Satellite, Shame, Too Few Women Leaders, Sandy Hook Massacre, Future of Transportation.

The PeacewalkerAshin Sopaka is a Burmese exile. The military government has taken away his political status and his right to express himself.

Hello, I’m A ScientistThis is a compilation of videos made by logicked in which he thoroughly debunks John Morris Pendleton’s claims.

War and PeaceWar and Peace looks at the West’s double standards towards Iran’s peaceful nuclear program. The nuclear program of Iran was launched in the 1950s with the help of the United States as part of the Atoms for Peace program.

Resistance in the West BankVICE traveled to the largest refugee camp in the West Bank to meet some of the Palestinian youth, and to find out if the Palestinian Authority’s commitment to non-violent struggle against the occupying Israelis was a national consensus. While there, they experienced the extremes of violent and non-violent protests, from hunger strikers to jihadists. They quickly learned that Palestinian Youth Week was all about going to conferences and speeches.

Al Capone: The Untouchable LegendMyths have always been woven around the figure of Al Capone. Born in Brooklyn, he began his career in crime as protege to New York underworld boss Frankie Yale in the early 1920′s, and then moved to Chicago where he made himself a multi-millionaire from the protection business, gambling, brothels, and speakeasies.

Real JournalismJohn Richard Pilger is an Australian journalist based in London. Since his early years as a war correspondent in Vietnam, Pilger has been a strong critic of American, Australian and British foreign policy, which he considers to be driven by an imperialist agenda.

How would you feel about eating deep fried locusts, ant egg salad or barbequed tarantulas? This documentary sees presenter and food writer Stefan Gates immerse himself in the extraordinary world of hardcore insect-eating in a bid to conquer his lingering revulsion of bugs and discover if they really could save the planet.

It’s a case that has all the hallmarks of a spy thriller. Bradley Manning was a U.S. soldier serving in Iraq, when he allegedly downloaded classified files onto a disk storing Lady Gaga songs. It’s alleged he then confided what he’d done to a computer hacker. A short time later the authorities arrested Manning and he’s been in a military jail ever since.

Some of the best and most up-to-date communication satellites in the world are designed and built in Stevenage in Britain. With exclusive access to specialist manufacturer Astrium, this programme shows step-by-step how to assemble one of the most complicated machines in the world.

This stun­ning Special Emmy winning doc­u­men­tary tells the true sto­ry of in­ter­na­tion­al hu­man rights icon Mukhtaran Mai, a Pak­istani peas­ant who was gang-raped and pub­licly shamed in her vil­lage, but used her trau­ma to spark a le­gal rev­o­lu­tion that ex­posed cen­turies of bru­tal trib­al con­flict and gov­ern­ment mis­man­age­ment.

Sheryl Sandberg is Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer. She is responsible for helping Mark Zucherberg make Facebook profitable. Yet, with women like Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer leading the way, there are still far too few women in positions of power. Why is this? Sandberg delivers a reflective TED talk on why we have too few women leaders. 

Sandy Hook Massacre: A Closer View on the 2nd Deadliest Mast Shooting in US History
That morning of December 14, 2012, several news outfit reported inaccurate reports about the incident. Media companies were quick to claim things which were not verified and which were later on found out to be untrue. Social media accounts and reports also added to the confusion. As an example, one erroneous report was that there were two shooters and only one has been neutralized. We later found out that there was only one shooter.

Global Transport Crisis: The Future of Transportation
The documentary features Necar 4, a unique automobile developed by Chrysler, which is an electric car unlike what has been developed before. Until now, electric cars have been weighed down with heavy batteries and can only run in a limited speed. In addition, these electric cars are only suitable for short travels as they needed to be charged every now and then. Necar 4 is an electric car that runs using the most abundant form of energy on earth which is hydrogen. This means that as long as we have water, this type of car can be used. Iceland is one country that is currently in the process of adapting this technology. It’s the perfect cost-effective solution for a country that has abundant reserves of free-flowing water.

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