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Thursday, April 25

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: #CISPA, Mess Oil Made, America #1 Terrorism Sponsor, Boston Bomber Case, Armenian Genocide, Obama vs. Whistleblower Protections, US Inequality Continues, Confront Corporate Personhood, Renounce the War on Terror, Game of Drones, Walmart Workers Won't Rest, Factory Farm Cruelty, America #1 in Fear and Depression, Low IQ and Right-Wingers, Why Brainwash Kids? more.

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CISPA - Corporations Buy Politicians and Your Privacy

The 'mess' that oil made

America: The World’s Number One Sponsor Of Terrorism

Balancing the State and Federal Roles in Boston Bomber Case

Israel: The Politics Behind The Armenian Genocide

Obama Poised to Deliver Another Blow to Whistleblower Protections

Report: Wealthy Thrive and Poorest Dive as Surge in US Inequality Continues

Confront Corporate Personhood: Take Back our Planet

The White House's Flawed Korea Policies

Time to Renounce the "War on Terror"

Obama and the game of drones

Wal-Mart workers won't rest

Why It's Literally Sickening to Ban Whistleblowers from Exposing Cruelty at Factory Farms

'Terrorism' and the Perpetual Emotion War Machine

Why hackers love Twitter

America: #1 In Fear, Stress, Anger, Divorce, Obesity, Anti-Depressants, Etc.

Every Time a Bomb Goes Off, The Surveillance State Grows Stronger

10 facts about enemy combatants

When Israeli Denial of Palestinian Existence Becomes Genocidal

IRS Says It Will Change Its Policy On Looking At Emails Without A Warrant... At Some Point

Yet Another Study Shows Low IQ And Right-Wing Ideology Go Hand-In-Hand

Why Brainwash Kids?

Godless Morality and Ethics: Being Good Without Gods or Religion is Possible

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