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Wednesday, March 27

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: Bradley Manning Nobel Peace Prize, Drone Warfare, Sweatshop Clothes, American Inequality, Cultural Assumptions, Intelligent Design Dishonesty, Economic Inequality Permanent, Brutal Reality of Israeli Occupation, Iraqi Birth Defects, Militant Atheism, Christian Privilege, Secrecy Corrodes Democracy, more.

Bradley Manning's Nobel Peace Prize

Drone Warfare Is Neither Cheap, Nor Surgical, Nor Decisive

Are Your Clothes Made in a Sweatshop?

Five Ugly Extremes of Inequality in America-- The Contrasts Will Drop Your Chin to the Floor

Viewing History Skeptically: On Shifting Cultural Assumptions and Attitudes

Dishonesty of intelligent design “research”

Bye, Bye American Dream! U.S. Economic Inequality Is Permanent, Study Finds

Obama Ignores the Ugly, Brutal Reality of Occupation and Colonization on His Israel Trip

Iraqi Birth Defects Worse than Hiroshima

Indicators of War, Not Peace, in Obama’s Visit

Has militant atheism become a religion?

Christianism, Christian Privilege, Christian Supremacy: Christianism in America

How Secrecy Corrodes Democracy

America Split in Two: Five Ugly Extremes of Inequality

Police drones? No thanks say local authorities

Guantanamo Exposes Reality of US Fascism
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