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Saturday, March 30

@dustcirclenews - 9 DOCUMENTARIES: Wikileaks, John Wayne Gacy, Through the Wormhole, NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity, Growing Up with Gadgets, Fear Anger and Politics, Edible City, Prisoner X, Stigma

While WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange battles to avoid extradition from the United Kingdom to Sweden, on the other side of the Atlantic Bradley Manning is facing a court martial. If found guilty Manning could spend the rest of his life in prison.

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (March 17, 1942 May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer. Between 1972 and 1978, the year he was arrested, Gacy raped and murdered at least 33 young men and boys. Although some of his victims’ bodies were found in the Des Plaines River, he buried 26 of them in the small crawl space underneath the basement of his home and three more elsewhere on his property. He became known as Killer Clown because of the popular block parties he would throw for his friends and neighbors, entertaining children in a clown suit and makeup as Pogo the Clown.

Through the Wormhole: Is There Really a Parallel Universe?One cosmologist from MIT firmly believes that multiple personas of one person exist. He believes that our cosmic doppelgangers exist in realm that is beyond our reach. He further points out that studies have shown that the universe is massive and has no finite end. This means that at one point in time, there can be a universe besides ours. More disturbingly so, there can be a being that looks exactly like you in that separate universe. This cosmologist has even calculated the number of light years that one should travel to possibly find his or her doppelganger.

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity’s First Major Discovery
Here are the details of Curiosity’s discovery of ancient conditions in Yellowknife Bay in Mars’ Gale Crater, from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. Ancient Mars could have supported living microbes. That’s what the Mars Curiosity turned up in its first major discovery. Scientists identified sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon — some of the key chemical ingredients for life — in the powder Curiosity drilled out of a sedimentary rock near an ancient stream bed in Gale Crater on the Red Planet last month.

Growing Up with Gadgets
Modern technology is often blamed for a wide range of learning problems in today’s children. But are modern gadgets themselves at fault, or is it simply the way they are being used that needs to be addressed?

Fear, Anger and Politics
In this two-part documentary, Al Jazeera follows the stories of some of those caught up in the anti-terrorist crackdown that followed 9/11 as they speak out about the injustices they have endured and their fears of a rising Islamophobia.

Edible City: Grow the Revolution
Inspirational, down-to-earth and a little bit quirky, Edible City captures the spirit of a movement that’s making real change and doing something truly revolutionary: growing the model for a healthy, sustainable local food system.

Prisoner X
In early 2010 a man was escorted to arguably the most secure prison cell in Israel. The guards taking him there had no idea who he was or what he’d done.
“It is simply a person without a name and without an identity who is placed in complete and absolute isolation from the outside world. There is confidentiality surrounding the detainee in every respect” a prison official stated. 

While some prejudice stems from religious beliefs, much of the stigma is simply passed down from generation to generation. This has allowed a once biblical illness, often referred to as the world’s oldest and most misunderstood disease, to continue to affect hundreds of thousands each year, right up into the twenty-first century – even though this disease is completely curable.

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