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Monday, January 28

28.Jan.2013 - HEADLINES: Pentagon Cybersecurity, Authoritarian America, US Kidnaps & Tortures, US Health Worse, DOMA, Obama Appointments, 30 Banned Books, Anti-Science Bill, Israel's Inhuman Rights, Aaron Swartz Protesters, Former CIA Agent, Whole Foods Truth, Immigration Reform, more.

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Pentagon to Boost Cybersecurity Force Fivefold
The Pentagon's plan would increase both military and civilian staffing at U.S. Cyber Command. (photo: unknown)
Has America Become an Authoritarian State?

Federal appeals court finds Obama recess appointments unconstitutional

How the US Ignored International Law to Become World's Kidnapper and Torturer

U.S. Health Worse Than Nearly All Other Industrialized Countries

Supreme Court urged not to rule on DOMA

Court Rules Obama Appointments Violated The Constitution

30 banned books that may surprise you

Anti-Science Bills Weighed in Four States

Israel’s human rights record ‘concerns’ UK

Aaron Swartz Protesters Take Over Government Websites, Install Asteroids

Google Explains How It Handles Police Requests For Users' Data

Former CIA agent who outed fellow agent sentenced to 30 months

Telling the whole truth about Whole Foods

Bipartisan Immigration Reform Proposal Would Create a Narrow but Real Path to Citizenship

America: Prosecutor, Judge and Jury With Jurisdiction Over the World

Anonymous hackers deface United States Sentencing Commission website

CIA Torture Whistleblower Sent to Prison

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