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Saturday, January 26

26.Jan.2013 - HEADLINES: Perpetual War, American Violence, Climate, Data Requests, Military Pregnancy, Green Socialism, Empire Power, Drones, Gun Lobby, Walmart & Fast Food, Scientology Cult

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The President of Perpetual War

Far-Right Violence in America

Right-wing blogger tells CNN: Americans will ‘have to get used to’ climate change

Google Report Reveals Continued Rise in US Government Requests for Data

Study: Military women experience unintended pregnancy rates at double U.S. average

What Is ‘Socialist’ About ‘Green Socialism’?

British and American empire: Patterns of power

U.N. Panel to Investigate Rise in Drone Strikes

Billionaires secretly fund attacks on climate science

How Much Did the Gun Lobby Donate to Your Member of Congress?

In Walmart and Fast Food, Unions Scaling Up a Strike-First Strategy

L. Ron Hubbard's Grandson Blasts Scientology as a Brainwashing 'Cult'
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