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Friday, November 2

02.Nov.2012 - Demonic Possession, New York Crises, Climate Change Gridlock, High School Atheist Club, New World Order, Capitalist Dictatorship, Next President of Austerity, Small Markets Big Money, Vote the Bible Shirts, Fighting Monsanto, We Are Not Powerless

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Shocking Poll - More than Two-Thirds of Republican Voters Believe in Demonic Possession

And less than half think humans are responsible for climate change.

1 Not-So-Simple, Pretty Funny Question for the 73% of White Evangelicals Who Will Apparently Be Voting for Romney

A question that deserves an answer before election day.

Residents of New York Face a Huge Range of Crises

Contradictions abound in NYC -- huge swathes of the city are fine, while entire neighborhoods are facing serious shortages.

Climate Change Gridlock: Where Do We Go From Here? (Part 1)
Global warming is no longer a fear for the future, it’s threatening human civilization now. But a good portion of humanity doesn’t seem that concerned. On this edition, part 1 of a special 2 part series, Brian Edwards-Tiekert takes us through the climate change that is happening, the political response that isn’t, and the people trying to break the gridlock.

article imageStudent Duncan Henderson Fights for Two Years to Start Atheist Club at Alabama High School

Student Duncan Henderson has been trying to start an atheist club, called the “freethinker” club, at Auburn Junior High in Auburn, Alabama, but was met with strong resistance for two years.
(spelling corrected here^)

From Chaos To A New World Order: Words Of Hope At The United Nations
Existing political/economic structures that serve not the people are in decay, a new world order based on universal principles of goodness: justice, equality, unity and freedom Is the call of many around the world.

Capitalist Dictatorship in Romney Campaign
he mainstream media and even Democrats have been slow to call Mitt Romney's deliberate falsehoods "lies." But after just calling them what they are, it is also important to analyze their meaning. Lies on Romney's scale do not simply show contempt for the intelligence of American voters. They show contempt for democracy, and display some of the features of capitalist dictatorship of a sort that was common in the late twentieth century. 

The Source of Romney’s Lying

Exclusive: An enduring mystery about Mitt Romney is why he lies so persistently and with so little shame. Some people blame his business experience or cite the basic dishonesty of politics, but there is also the curious foundation of his Mormon religion which was started by a proven conman, notes Robert Parry.

Telling Truths about Israel/Palestine

False national narratives play key roles in controlling human behavior, especially when enforced by an aggressive propaganda system that demonizes factual counter-narratives. That has long been the case as Israel minimized its harsh treatment of Palestinians, but the truth has begun to break through, says Lawrence Davidson.
Mitt Romney and Barack Obama meet at their second debate
The next president of austerity
We know from history that the "lesser evil" is no guarantee against the "greater evil."

Small markets, big money
The sports media is moaning about the trade of Oklahoma City Thunder star James Harden to the Houston Rockets--but NBA owners are making out just fine.


It wasn’t always a given that we’d have a single executive who has the power to make final decisions about the fate of our country.

Christian group fights Texas for banning ‘Vote the Bible’ shirt at polls
"Vote the Bible" shirt banned at Texas polling placesA Christian group in Texas is threatening to file a formal complaint with the Attorney General’s office because a woman who lives near Austin was forced to cover up her “Vote the Bible” T-shirt after election officials suggested that it could be construed as illegal electioneering.

A Grim Warning from Science

One of the things that makes Sandy different from Katrina is that it’s a relatively clean story. The lessons of Katrina were numerous and painful—they had to do with race, with class, with the willful incompetence of a government that had put a professional Arabian horse fancier in charge of its rescue efforts.

Corporate Media Breaks Climate Silence, Following Undeniable Sandy Superstorm

As many have now observed, part of the new reality in Sandy's aftermath—whether too slowly, reluctantly or imperfectly—is that many mainstream media outlets, once decidedly resigned to avoid the scientific consensus, are now asking significant questions about the role of human-induced global warming and the impact of climate change and extreme weather.

Hurricane Sandy and the Myth of the Big Government-vs.-Small-Government Debate

Quite a shock the other day to look out my window in Jersey City, and see the Hudson River rushing over what used to be the street in front of my building. For nearly three days my dog and I played Robinson Crusoe and Friday, sleepily watching from our little apartment-island while we waited for hot water, cell service, the internet, even elevators to come back on line.

Why Monsanto Is Fighting Tooth and Nail Against California's Prop 37

A new poll conducted by the University of Southern California and the LA Times has found that Proposition 37, the GMO labeling initiative has slipped a whopping 17 points since the last poll in September. The proposition continues to lead but only by 2 percentage points with less than a week before the election. Thirteen percent of likely voters are still undecided on whether to require mandatory labeling of genetically modified organisms in foods.

We Are Not Powerless to Confront Climate Change

Millions of victims of Superstorm Sandy remain without power, but they are not powerless to do something about climate change. The media consistently fail to make the link between extreme weather and global warming. Through this catastrophe, people are increasingly realizing that our climate has changed, and the consequences are dire.

Senate likely to revisit cyber bill when Congress returns

Senator Joe Lieberman, one of the authors of the bill, would consider dropping a provision aimed at shoring up protection of critical infrastructure that had raised concerns among Senate Republicans, if that issue could be addressed in an executive order, Jeffrey Ratner, senior adviser for cybersecurity on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said Wednesday.

Looking Beyond Election Day: The Issues That Threaten to Derail the Nation

What follows is an overview of the major issues that both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, despite their respective billion dollar war chests, have failed to mention during their extensive campaign trail stumping and televised debates. These are issues that aren't going away anytime soon. Indeed, unless we take a proactive approach to the problems that loom large before us, especially as they relate to America's ongoing transformation into a police state, we may find that they are here to stay.

Sandy Forces Climate Change on US Election
A dead deer lies among driftwood and debris left by a combination of storm surge from Hurricane Sandy and high tide in Southampton, New York, on October 30, 2012. (photo: Lucas Jackson/Reuters)The presidential candidates avoided the topic at all their big public forums - except for Romney's Republican national convention joke about how silly it was to try and slow the rise of the oceans (which probably didn't win him many votes on the Jersey Shore this week). Obama did talk climate with MTV last week, but that venue almost defines the issue's fringe status; his other real discussion of it was with Rolling Stone - global warming is, apparently, only for people with earbuds.

Two diametrically opposed views on the #Occupy movement

Two wildly different takes on the Occupy movement have recently found their way into my Twitter feed. Both deserve careful consideration (watch this blogspace):

When will male politicians take women's rights seriously?
Feminism appears to be back with a vengeance in the UK. Kirsty Styles reports from the UK Feminista lobby of Parliament, and asks how long it will take before the f-word that really rings true in our society is 'fairness'

'Letting taxpayers fund parties directly could revive our rotten system.' (photo: Donkey Hony)When Corporations Bankroll Politics, We All Pay The Price
t's a revolting spectacle: the two presidential candidates engaged in a frantic and demeaning scramble for money. By 6 November, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will each have raised more than $1bn. Other groups have already spent a further billion. Every election costs more than the one before; every election, as a result, drags the United States deeper into cronyism and corruption. Whichever candidate takes the most votes, it's the money that wins.

Why the Protestant Work Ethic Is a Menace to Society

Good riddance to a religious approach that preached salvation through constant hard labor.

The 9 Most Anti-Science Candidates in America
These House and Senate candidates don't like that book learnin'.

How Christian Fundamentalism Feeds the Toxic Partisanship of US Politics

When evangelicals attack 'the gay agenda' of an anti-bullying event in schools, something is sick in America's religious culture

Distrust growing among voters in California

US military spending in question

US-Israel conduct Largest Military Drill to date

The Depression Cure That Society Won't Allow

More 'Once in a Lifetime' Weather Events Likely

A Crisis Foretold: Studies Warned New York Infrastructure Critically Threatened by Climate Change

Without Power and Aid, Low-Income Residents of NYC’s Lower East Side Struggle in Storm’s Aftermath

David Rohde: Superstorm Sandy Has Exposed New York City’s "Hideous Inequality"

As Missouri Senate Race Tightens, New Details Emerge on Todd Akin’s Anti-Abortion Past

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