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Tuesday, September 4

4.Sept.2012: The Serious Revolt Option, Stealing the Election, Conservatives Ignore Facts, Work Getting Worse, Global Climate Disaster, RNC Lies, Rape and Pregnancy, Mitt Romney's Tax Avoidance, No Accountability for Torturers, Police State, Green Bank, Area 51 Secrets, Corporations and the Founding Fathers, Civil Rights, Did Jesus Die?

To many who are new to DUSTCIRCLE.COM, the site is now in Digest mode. 
Instead of random posts of articles printed elsewhere, I am now posting a Digest which includes Title, Excerpt, and a Link. The digest layout is a brief note from me (like here), a list of articles mostly grouped by publication source, starting with the most interesting article (to me, anyway). 
Following the list of articles, I post video news near the bottom. Following those, I usually post a Band of the day. This issue, I will be posting the Documentary of the Day. 
Additionally, on the main site, I plugged the Google widget, so you can follow me through Google. Enjoy! 
- Steve :)
Why Chris Hedges Believes That Serious Revolt Is the Only Option People Have Left

Hedges discusses his new book "Days of Destruction Days of Revolt."

Stealing the Election

Ohio is a crucial state in the November election. And Romney isn't doing well enough there to win. The following analysis may have come from Karl Rove:

Is the Right-Wing Psyche Allergic to Reality? A New Study Shows Conservatives Ignore Facts More Than Liberals

More evidence that conservatives tilted their views of the facts to favor their moral convictions more than liberals did, on every single issue.

Ten Big Lies Paul Ryan Keeps Repeating That the Corporate Media Refuses to Push Back On

A remarkably dishonest campaign is getting even worse, with no accountability from the TV networks.

Low Benefits, Temporary Jobs -- Work Is Getting Worse ... But Hope for Labor Rights Is Emerging from a Surprising Place

A special Labor Day interview with domestic workers organizer Ai-Jen Poo, one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2012.

It's Eerie -- The Global Climate Disaster Is Happening Right Now... and Humanity Is Just Pretending It's Not Happening

Paul Ryan's Absurd RNC Lies

David Brooks, in conversation with Gail Collins, explains that all that lying was really not Paul Ryan's fault

Former Abortion Provider Says Climate Now More Dangerous than When He Performed Illegal Abortions

Today's political climate, on the other hand, is so emotionally charged and dangerous, he had stopped talking about his past all together.

AlterNet Radio: Amanda Marcotte and Glenn Greenwald on the Julian Assange Affair

This week on the AlterNet Radio Hour, a look at the stand-off over Julian Assange, whom Sweden wants to answer to allegations of sexual assault. 

Here We Go Again: Maryland Congressman Says ‘Few Pregnancies’ Result From Rape

Another House Republican is raising eyebrows for suggesting that women who are raped are less likely to become pregnant — just weeks after Rep. Todd Akin (R-MS) sparked controversy for his “legitimate rape” remark.

Matt Taibbi: Romney's Secret? Greed, Debt and Forcing Others to Foot the Bill

 new article by reporter Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone sheds new light on the origin of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s fortune, revealing how Romney’s former firm, Bain Capital, used private equity to raise money to conduct corporate raids. Taibbi writes: "What most voters don’t know is the way Mitt Romney actually made his fortune: by borrowing vast sums of money that other people were forced to pay back. 

Mitt Romney's Tax Avoidance Weakens Bonds of American Society

itt Romney's income taxes have become a major issue in the American presidential campaign. Is this just petty politics, or does it really matter? In fact, it does matter - and not just for Americans.

A Major Failure by Washington 
In spite of intense efforts by the US and Israel to deter attendance at the Tehran meeting – backed by a wave of western media attacks on the conclave – over 150 nations and international bodies attended.

No Accountability for Torturers
The Obama administration has closed the books on prosecutions of those who violated our laws by authorizing and conducting the torture and abuse of prisoners in U.S. custody. Last year, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that his office would investigate only two incidents, in which CIA interrogations ended in deaths. He said the Justice Department “has determined that an expanded criminal investigation of the remaining matters is not warranted.” With that decision, Holder conferred amnesty on countless Bush officials, lawyers and interrogators who set and carried out a policy of cruel treatment.

8 Ways to Improve Society Without the Political Process
The worst thing about this whole situation is that these so called “authorities” maintain a monopoly on problem solving, meaning they are really the only ones who are allowed to solve problems. Thus over time people begin to believe that those in authority are the only ones who are actually capable of solving problems, when in reality, they are no more qualified than anyone else.

The New Normal: Travels Through the Police State
I’m pretty sure I have just experienced the most disproportionate reaction to a protest in a supposedly democratic society ever, at least since labor organizer Mother Jones faced off all by herself with one hundred members of the National Guard around a century ago. As someone who has personally been fairly actively attending protests since the early 1980′s, and as a student of the history of social movements that happened before my time as well, it seems difficult to put what just happened in Florida into some kind of relevant context, but I’ll just share my own story of the past week in north Florida and attempt to make sense of it, for whatever that’s worth.

Have Censored Websites Broken Any Law?
Bigmother has not been around for 28 years now. But she sure is watching over us. She died before the internet happened, yet her devotees celebrate her by blocking websites.

Alleged UK visa blacklist for human rights offenders concerns Russia officials
Russia's Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko [official website] asked the British government [press release] on Monday to confirm or deny the existence of a visa blacklist for Russian officials linked to the the 2009 death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky [JURIST news archive], after a British newspaper reported that the British embassy in Moscow has implemented the "Magnitsky list" to flag entry of the officials for human rights reasons. 

Fears About Shariah Law Take Hold In Tennessee

In Tennessee, an incumbent in the U.S. House found herself on the defensive after being called soft on Shariah law, the code that guides Muslim beliefs and actions. And the state's governor has been forced to explain why he hired a Muslim.

Green bank ready to commit £3bn to environmental firms

Officials preparing the launch of the Green Investment Bank are understood to have met with a number of businesses about committing cash to a number of environmentally friendly schemes, such as recycling plants.

Visit Israel at your own risk, warn many Western countries

The latest travel advisory warns tourists that Israel periodically conducts military operations in the West Bank and Gaza with no prior notice, and advises travelers to avoid demonstrations.

Palestinian farmers fighting to survive

A member of the Ein Al-Beida Agricultural Union, which represents 70 farmers in the area, Foqaha said a combination of harsh Israeli restrictions on Palestinian farmers, Israel’s near total control of resources, and neglect on the part of Palestinian authorities has made Palestinian agriculture in the West Bank almost impossible.

Area 51 UFO ‘secrets’ to be revealed by Las Vegas Smithsonian Institute

The National Atomic Testing Museum announced  the event,  scheduled for September 22, to reveal the men’s personal stories that propelled  them to write books and lead their own investigations outside, as well as  inside, the military.

Red States Are The Real Welfare States

What The Founding Fathers Thought About Corporations

Citizens United. This is the 2010 Supreme Court case that shocked America, influenced an election, and reversed over 100 years of campaign finance laws. In this case, corporations were declared as people and as such declared to have the same rights as people do. It also opened the doors for corporations to pour unprecedented amounts of campaign donations into elections, and what’s more, these donations can be totally secret. Corporations can now literally and legally buy elections and shape the government like never before in our nation’s history.

Rep. John Lewis, Civil Rights Icon, on the Struggle to Win–and Now Protect–Voting Rights in U.S.

Documentary of the Day

  "Did Jesus Die?"

This film investigates the variety of stories surrounding the New Testament account of the crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, interview historians, theologians and historical researchers. This exploration of the latest theories about what really happened to Jesus 2000 years ago discovered some amazing possibilities.

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