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Friday, September 14

14.Sept.2012: America's War Mentality, Indefinite Domestic Military Detention, End of Humanity, Chicago Teacher Strike, Politics and Religion Don't Mix, U.S. Debt is Political, Growth OR Equality, Boycott of Israel, Corporations vs. Education, Save Money on Health Care, Citizens United Threatens Democracy, Big Pharma Criminal, Naked TSA Scanners, Record Poverty Census, Rachel Corrie, Surveillance State, U.S. Crops Very Poor, Prosecuting Wall Street, Predator Drones, Jesse Ventura Interview, 2012 PETA Video on Animal Abuse

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War: What America Knows Best

When it comes to Iran, Washington’s regional preparations for war are staggering.  The continual build-up of U.S. naval power in the Persian Gulf, of land forces on bases around that country, of air power (and anti-missile defenses) in the region should leave any observer breathless.  There are U.S. special operations forces near the Iranian border and CIA drones regularly over that country.

If Politicians Think Teachers Have it So Easy, Why Do They All Become Bankers?

This week a lot of Democrats and "liberals" are attacking Chicago teachers for what they tell us are their extravagant and "unreasonable" demands. It's funny: If they think teaching's such a gravy train, why have they all become bankers instead?

Journalist's Suit Against Indefinite Domestic Military Detention Wins In Federal Court

A federal judge permanently threw out a key part of the National Defense Authorization Act on Thursday as part of a lawsuit brought by journalist Chris Hedges and others who claimed that they could be held in indefinite military detention because they interviewed suspected terrorists.

The End Of Humanity: Rise of the Robots

The global elite has reached a decision that could spell the end of humanity as we know it in the decades to come. Having become superfluous in the eyes of those who plan to impose a technocracy over the entire planet, robots will be used to both replace and eliminate humans as the elite advances towards its much cherished technological singularity.

Free speech vs. reverence for Muhammad: Can they coexist?

The violence in Egypt, Libya, and Yemen show the results of American ideals clashing with those of nascent Arab democracies. Caught in between are American Muslims.

Chicago teacher strike: Talks to end strike make progress

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said the sides had definitely come closer together.

In Aftermath of Ambassador's Death, US Warships Headed for Libya
Following a promise by President Obama on Wednesday that the United States would “bring to justice” to those responsible for the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi that led to the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other officials, military officials now say that two Navy warships—notably armed with tomahwk missile systems—are now steaming towards the Libyan coast.

US Citizens' Due Process Rights Saved from the NDAA's Indefinite Detention

You can't change the world if you don't believe in impossible things. On Wednesday, I was reminded that my obstinate faith in the ability of citizens to stand up against an all-out assault on civil liberties by my own government is not so absurd, after all. Judge Katherine Forrest (an Obama-appointed judge) granted people everywhere a permanent injunction against an unconstitutional provision, section 1021, in the NDAA – and thus a reprieve from the terror of being indefinitely detained by the US military, without charge, evidence or trial.

The Provocateurs Know Politics and Religion Don't Mix

 So another internet clever-clogs sets the Middle East on fire: Prophet cartoons, then Koranic book-burning, now a video of robed "terrorists" and a fake desert. The Western-Christian perpetrators then go into hiding (an essential requisite for publicity) while the innocent are asphyxiated, beheaded and otherwise done to death – outrageous Muslim revenge thus "proving" the racist claims of the trash peddlers that Islam is a violent religion.

Record Poverty Persists While Gap Between Rich and Rest of Us Increases

Sadly, those who "occupied" Wall Street and city squares across the country in 2011, were right: All of the income gains have concentrated at the top, while the rest of us saw a deterioration or stagnation in our wages and income.

Moody's Threat to Downgrade US Debt is Political, Not Fiscal

Moody's threat this week to downgrade the US government's credit rating says a whole lot more about the credit rating agency than it does about the US debt situation. It is really a way of telling the world that Moody's is making a political statement, rather than an assessment of risk for investors who want actual information about US Treasury securities. This is really an embarrassment for Moody's – since they are supposed to be evaluating risk – although most of the media didn't seem to notice.

Labor Is Under Attack All Over the World

There are plenty of notable labor events occurring at the moment. And by “notable,” of course, we mean hideous and horribly depressing. Clearly, management people all over the world believe the stars are in perfect alignment and that they now have a tremendous advantage when it comes to negotiating with their workforce. Naturally, they’re looking to exploit that advantage.

Already God-Soaked Presidential Campaign About To Get Another Dose Of That Old-Time Religion
Religious Right’s ‘Values Voter Summit’ Attempts To Push ‘Culture War’ Issues To The Front And Center, Says Americans United

Monopolizing War? 
What America Knows How to Do Best
Growth or Equality: Two Competing Visions For America’s Future
David Korten on how closing the wealth gap can open the way to a fairer, more prosperous economy.
5 Issues This Election Should Be About, And One To Drop
Cutting through the campaign rhetoric and attack ads, here are five issues we believe should be at the center of the 2012 election, plus one that has no place in the public
Growing Isolation: Boycott Of Israel Crosses To Governments’ Realm
Should Israel be worried? Very much so, for the age of total impunity is coming to an end. Critical voices of the Israeli occupation and mistreatment of Palestinians are rising - not only within civil society circles, but among world governments as well.

The Path To War For The Sake Of Israel
Canada has recently suspended its diplomatic ties with Iran, accusing Iran of “ significant threat to global peace and security in the world today” . The move is attributed to U.S.-Israel pressure to create a coalition front and provide a fa├žade of “international” legitimacy to justify aggression against Iran.

Corporate Media's War on Public Education

Corporate media scoundrels support making education another profit center and destroying the future of millions of kids.

When It Comes To The DoJ And Wall Street, Don't Call It "Justice"

If a recent report is true the Justice Department will need a new name -- and some of us will have to step up and admit we were wrong.

Obama's Unconstitutional NDAA 'Detained Indefinitely' by Federal Judge

A federal judge permanently blocked enforcement of a law signed by Obama late last year that included vague language allowing the military to detain US citizens indefinitely.

The Wrong Way to Save Money on Health Care

Employer outlays for workers' health insurance slowed from a 9 percent jump last year to less than half that -- 4 percent -- this year, according to a new survey from the Kaiser Foundation. Good news?

Southern whites troubled by Romney's wealth, religion
Reuters/Ipsos polling data compiled over the past several months shows that, across the Bible Belt, 38 percent of these voters said they would be less likely to vote for a candidate who is "very wealthy" than one who isn't. This is well above the 20 percent who said they would be less likely to vote for an African-American.,0,630640,full.story

Israeli police intolerant of Christianity: clergyman
The Israeli authorities are growing increasingly intolerant of Christianity in the country, responding inadequately to violent attacks against the faith by Jewish extremists, a senior Vatican official in Jerusalem has warned.

Jimmy Carter: Citizens United, 'Financial Corruption' Threaten Democracy
ormer U.S. president Jimmy Carter issued a blistering indictment of the American electoral process Tuesday, saying it is shot through with "financial corruption" that threatens democracy.

Attack on US Consulate May Not Be Last: Expert
Benghazi Tuesday night, that claimed the lives of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, may only be the beginning of more widespread unrest among Muslims worldwide, according to some experts.
Six Jerusalem teens charged with attacking Palestinian

Teens broke a 28-year-old man’s ankle, after they suspected him of of ‘taking advantage’ of a Jewish woman.

Big Pharma criminal: Bribery, fraud, price fixing now public record
Those of us who have long been describing the pharmaceutical industry as a “criminal racket” over the last few years have been wholly vindicated by recent news. Drug and vaccine manufacturer Merck was caught red-handed by two of its own scientists faking vaccine efficacy data by spiking blood samples with animal antibodies. GlaxoSmithKline has just been fined a whopping $3 billion for bribing doctors, lying to the FDA, hiding clinical trial data and fraudulent marketing.

Romney Smiles At News Of American Deaths In Libya:

TSA Still Not Taking Comments On Naked Scanners; So Public Interest Group Does It For Them

If you needed proof of politicians’ sensitivity to, and encouragement of, persistent terrorism fears, look no further than today’s hearing in the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Transportation Security. It’s called “Eleven Years After 9/11 Can TSA Evolve To Meet the Next Terrorist Threat?” and it’s being used to feature—get this—a report arguing for a “smarter, leaner” Transportation Security Administration.

6 Right-Wing Zealots (or Groups of Zealots) That Would Blow Up the World for Political Gain

Step back from the news cycle a moment and what you see is a week in which toxic, wildly irresponsible right-wingers have been trying to set a series of fires around the world, stoking their mythical "clash of civilizations" out of religious bigotry or for political gain, or a little bit of both.

The Dystopian Digital Sweatshop That Makes the Internet Run

Meet the workers making $1.20 an hour "microtasking" for billion-dollar brands like Microsoft and Amazon--right here in the US.

US Census report: Record numbers in poverty and widening inequalityThe United States Census Bureau released its latest survey of poverty in America on Wednesday, revealing that the ranks of those classified by the government as poor remained at record highs in 2011, while the gap between the rich and everyone else widened further.

The troubling case of Rachel Corrie

Almost ten years after the death of Rachel Corrie on 16 March 2003, her case still raises troubling questions. How was a 23-year-old protester killed by an Israeli military bulldozer? Did the driver do it deliberately, as the family have claimed? Were the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) responsible in some other way?

Straight talk about the surveillance state

US crops in a poor state

Prosecuting Wall Street: People and Power

Dennis Kucinich: No More War. No More Business as Usual

Predator drones and the murder of innocents

Jesse Ventura: 
No More Gangs in Government
Part 1

Part 2

As U.S. Inequality Widens, Scholar Cornel West and Broadcaster Tavis Smiley Launch Poverty Tour 2.0

Islamic Scholar Tariq Ramadan on the Growing Mideast Protests and "Islam & the Arab Awakening"

PETA Forced to Hold Restricted Screening of Animal Abuse Film at the Kansas State Fair [WARNING: GRAPHIC]
Here's the [EXPLICIT] PETA film:
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