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Monday, October 21

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: America's Business of War, Snowden's Brave Integrity, Whistleblowers Meet Leaker, No NSA Oversight, Address Books Collected Globally, U.S. Ranks 21st in Math, Scientists Hacking the Earth, Half of US Children Are Poor, Women Demand Freedom, Social Security Destruction, more.

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The Business of America Is War

Edward Snowden’s Brave Integrity

Snowden: NSA Is Most Dangerous Because No Oversight Exists

"Edward Snowden Is a Patriot":
Ex-NSA CIA, FBI and Justice Whistleblowers Meet Leaker in Moscow

NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally

NSA revelations: A timeline of what's come out since Snowden leaks began

U.S. Adults Rank 21st in Math Skills

Billionaire Koch Brothers Spending Millions To Deny Health Coverage To Low-Income Americans

Nearly half of US public school children are poor

Your Personal Data: Intercepted, Monitored, Recorded, and Disclosed

Uncovering the Tea Party's Radical Roots

Internet Governance Series: Human Rights in the Age of State Surveillance

The Police State Wants What the Police State Wants

Women demand freedom, not surveillance

The Latest Billionaire Ploy to Destroy Social Security

Poll: Majority Says It's A Bad Thing That GOP Controls The House

Revolt of the Rich

Documents reveal NSA’s extensive involvement in targeted killing program

Obama Embraces American Exceptionalism

BBC admits wrongdoing in presenting pro-Israeli commentator as neutral expert

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