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Sunday, May 19

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: Free and Safe Surveillance, Injured Palestinians, Bangladesh Working Conditions, ObamaGate, Do We Need Religion? Rich-Poor Gap, Prosecuting Whistleblowers, Global Endless War, Christian Megapastors' Sex Scandals, Cutting Social Security, Wall Street Accountability, Healthcare Costs Destroying America, Military Grants Itself More Power, New Path to Citizenship, Monsanto and Congress Stomp Your Rights, Become Your Own Spy, more.

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If The President Does It, It Isn't Illegal?

Bush Used the IRS, FBI, CIA and Secret Service to Go After Opponents -- Where Was the Fox and GOP Outrage?

'Round the Clock Surveillance: Is This the Price of Living in a 'Free, Safe' Society?

Several Palestinians Injured In Jerusalem Clashes

Improve Working Conditions in Bangladesh? Walmart Says 'No'

ObamaGate—The New Watergate?

Do We Need Religion?

A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries

Rich- Poor Gap Widens In Rich Countries, Finds OECD

The Obama administration has aggressively prosecuted leaks and whistleblowers. Who are they?

Why Do Christian Megapastors Keep Getting Caught in Sordid Sex Scandals?

Fighting Poverty Through Wall Street Accountability

"Astoundingly Disturbing": Obama Administration Claims Power to Wage Endless War Across the Globe

Cutting Social Security and Not Taxing Wall Street

Use These Secret NSA Google Search Tips to Become Your Own Spy Agency

Healthcare Costs Are Destroying America: New Study Shows Correlation Between Cancer And Bankruptcy

Is the Government Making Billions Off of Student Loans?

Obama’s War on Journalists

Military Quietly Grants Itself the Power to Police the Streets Without Local or State Consent

New Path to Citizenship Looks More Like an Obstacle Course

Genetically Modified Democracy: Monsanto and Congress Move to Stomp on Your Rights
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