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Sunday, April 7

@dustcirclenews - HEADLINES: Homeland Security Spied on Peaceful Protesters, Monsanto Announces Huge Profits, Anti-Drone Hoodie, Dwindling Support for Religion, Offshore Financial Secrets, Surveillance Courts' Secrets, Disaster Capitalism, Guantanamo Prison Rights, Anonymous vs. Israel in Cyberwar, Avoid a Korean War, Facts on Immigration, more.

It has come to my attention that some of the VIDEO digests don't show some of the videos in the mailings. These are accessible on the website. The Video-related content I send out will have a link to the website so you can view the videos, instead of seeing just a list:
The Whys of American Ignorance

US Attorneys Reveal Online Bullying To Explain Why People Who Helped Them Prosecute Aaron Swartz Should Remain Anonymous

Homeland Security Spied On Peaceful Protesters; Worried About Protests Getting News Coverage

Egypt foreign ministry: Israel violates the calm in Gaza

Monsanto announces huge profits despite public backlash

Sexism, Work and The Public

Anti-Drone Hoodie: Can It Really Protect You From the Government’s Eyes in the Sky?

New research shows dwindling support for religion in Britain

A Tipping Point In The Financial System

Everything You Need to Know (So Far) About the Largest Leak of Offshore Financial Secrets in History

When Society Disintegrates: A preview Of What May Be Coming To Your City

Public Banking: What Better Time Than Now

Surveillance Court’s Opinions Must Remain Secret, Feds Say

Government Exists to Serve the People, not the Privileged

'Going Dark': What's So Wrong with the Government's Plan to Tap Our Internet?

From the San Francisco Earthquake to Superstorm Sandy, How Disaster Capitalism Makes Money off of Tragedy

Another NATO Strike Kills Afghan Civilians

UN rights chief calls for Guantanamo prison closure

When Did Peaceful Protests Become 'Anti-Government Rallies'?

Israel ignores its many (at least 136) violations in Gaza, complains about some rocket attacks

This Is What Superstition Does: ‘Witches’ Tortured, Burned Alive

What did science and religion discover last year?

‘#Anonymous’ vows to wipe Israel off cyberspace

It was nice knowing you, America

A Lifetime in War Crimes

The Duty To Avoid A War In Korea

Americans Believe God Plays Favorites in Sports and with Athletes

‘Drones fly, children die’: US activists launch massive anti-drone campaign

Tyranny of The Reasonable: Popular Complacency In An Era Of Economic Exploitation And Perpetual War

What Does the Worst-case Scenario of a Cyberattack on the United States by Another State or by Terrorists Look Like?

The Facts on Immigration Today
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