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Saturday, April 20

@dustcircleNews - HEADLINES: Government and CISPA, Stop Isolating Gaza, Unmarried Women Struggling, Orwellian Warfare State, US Militarism, Hacker Threats, Practice of Torture, 10 Million Working US Poor, Rights of Immigrants, God and Mental Illness, Constitution Project, Paul Revere Trivia, Bill Maher and Bernie Sanders Explode, Dinosaur Egg Study, American CEOs' Pay, Zionism and Congress, more.

It has come to my attention that some of the VIDEO digests don't show some of the videos in the mailings. These are accessible on the website. The Video-related content I send out will have a link to the website so you can view the videos, instead of seeing just a list:
Government Has Already Fooled Us More Than Once On Privacy; History Belies How CISPA Will Be Used

Israel: Stop Isolating Gaza

Unmarried Women Are Desperately Struggling in Our Failed Economy

The Orwellian Warfare State of Carnage and Doublethink

What Has US Militarism Wrought?

The Greatest Trick The Government Ever Pulled Was Convincing The Public The 'Hacker Threat' Exists

United States Engaged in the Practice of Torture: Report

Perverting the Constitution for Power

More Than 10 Million Americans Among the Working Poor

Al-Jazeera And Feminism,The Rights Of Immigrants And The Stateless?

Study: Belief in an angry God associated with variety of mental illnesses

Constitution Project’s Report on Detainee Treatment

11 Things You May Not Know About Paul Revere

Bill Maher and Bernie Sanders Explode at GOP Panelists Over the Economy and the Environment

Dinosaur egg study supports evolutionary link between birds and dinosaurs

Why American CEOs Get Paid Way More Than CEOs Anywhere Else (Hint: It's Not Performance Based)

Zionism and the United States Congress
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