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Thursday, March 14

@dustcirclenews HEADLINES: Schoolkids Brainwashed, Bradley Manning Recording, Homeland Security Ammo, Imperial Presidency, Guantanamo Hunger Strike, Wealth Inequality, Survive Capitalism, Christian Domination Fight, Roman Catholic Church, America's Wars Cost, more.

11 Most Absurd Lies Conservatives Are Using to Brainwash America's School Kids

Recording Of Bradley Manning's Statement In Court Leaked

10 Worst People on Forbes 2013 Billionaires List

If Corporations Don’t Pay Taxes, Why Should You?

Why Do Americans Tolerate Extreme Wealth Inequality?

Can Civilization Survive Capitalism?

Hugo Chavez, R.I.P. - Leader Broke Venezuela Out of America's Imperial Orbit, Threw Neoliberal 'Economics' in the Trash

One of the Most Powerful Portrayals of What Has Happened to America That You Will Ever See

Israel mistreating detained Palestinian children: report

5 Kids Bravely Fighting Christian Domination of Their Schools

How Authoritarianism Created the Crisis Engulfing the Roman Catholic Church

The Cost of America’s Wars – $3 Trillion, $4 Trillion, $5 Trillion, $7 Trillion, $8 Trillion, Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD

IRS will pay whistle-blowers less because of federal budget cuts,0,4579241.story

Momentum builds to declassify CIA detention program

Americans living longer, less healthy lives

Keeping Watch: The Latest, Biggest Threats From The Religious Right

With Millions in Assets And Hundreds of Attorneys, Christian Right Is Waging War on the Church-State Wall

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