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Monday, February 25

25.Feb.2013 - HEADLINES: Global Torture, US Disqualified as Peace Broker, Living Wages Demand, Ravage-Capitalism, Religious Right De-educating Youth, Tax Identity Theft, Kill List Options, Immigration Reform, Pope Blackmail, more.

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Inside the Bush Administration's Lawless Global Torture Regime (And How Obama Remains Complicit)

Supreme Court hears arguments on privileges and immunities and foreign taxes

Palestinians Disqualify U.S. As Peace Broker

Living Wages Should Be Our Minimum Demand

Walmart's Off to a Terrible 2013: Is Ravage-Capitalism Reaching a Point of Diminishing Returns?

How the Religious Right Is Helping De-Educate America's Youth

When can your government kill you?

Healthcare Isn't A Free Market, It's A Giant Economic Scam

5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Tax Identity Theft

WH refuses to release more kill list opinions

Immigration Reform May Come with Big Gifts to Employers

Did The Pope Resign Due To Blackmail? New Allegations Say Yes

Beyond Demonstrations, Beyond Civil Disobedience

Obama Officials Refuse to Say If They Believe They Can Assassinate American Citizens on US Soil

100 Years Worth of Federal Prison Charges for Alleged 'Hactivist'?

After Ruining America, the Era of Giant Chain Stores Is Over

Top U.S. Terrorist Group: the FBI

Rampant Capitalism Has Created a Social Disaster -- How Do We Right the Ship?

Keys to new American innovation

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