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Wednesday, February 6

06.Feb.2013 - HEADLINES: Gay Marriage, College Funding, 'None' Leaders, American Empire, Progressive Revolution, 9/11 Censoring, Anti-Government Sentiment, Christian Nationalism, Newspaper Lies, Austerity Obsession, Israel's Attacks on Syria, God's Favorite Teams, FDIC Suing Banks, more.

Gay marriage foes suffer from fundraising shortfall
Supporters of California's Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage protest outside the California Supreme Court in San Francisco, California before a hearing on the initiative September 6, 2011. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Politicians Threaten to Kill College Funding Over Israel Boycott Panel

'None' leaders to chart path for more political, cultural power for religiously unaffiliated

The American Empire, RIP

America's First Progressive Revolution

Judge to US Government: Stop Censoring 9/11 Hearings

Anti-Government Sentiment: On the Rise?

Corporate Religion and Christian Nationalism: Religion for Profit, War, Power

Have You No Shame? Lies, Damned Lies, and Newspaper Reporting

4 Ways the Austerity Obsession in Washington Could Cost You Your Job

American official says White House gave Israel ‘green light’ to carry out attacks on Syria

According To One Third Of Americans, God Has Nothing Better To Do Than Help Their Favorite Teams Win

People Want Criminals to Suffer, Even If It Is “Useless”

Finally, Bank Officers Held Personally Responsible For Gross Lending Practices, Sued By FDIC

How the Public Can Win the New Financial War

Why Are Suicides Climbing in the Military? Let's Look at the Drugs Being Prescribed

Why Police Lie Under Oath

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

The Endgame of Capitalism

Roughly 22 U.S. Veterans Kill Themselves Daily, According to a New Study

Israel's Perpetual Terrorism

U.S. To Become A Second-Rate Power

Targeted Killings: Obama’s Endless War

The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful

Washington state's anti-NDAA bill introduced with viral support

The Dangers of Obama's Cyber War Power Grab

Public trust in government near historic low

More Than 50 Countries Helped the CIA Outsource Torture

No confidence in national capital region disaster preparedness

White House Declares It Has 'Broad Powers' When It Comes To Cyberattacks

Hard Times, USA: Would You Consider Thinking Differently About Poverty and Poor and Homeless People?
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