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Sunday, February 3

03.Feb.2013 - HEADLINES: Israel Settlements, Attack on Syria, American Worker Activists, Assault on Unions, Defense Companies, Torture, Farmworkers, Drones Issue, Citizens' Rights, National Security, Chinese Hackers, more.

UN Report: Israel Must Immediately Dismantle Settlements or Face ICC

Israel Condemned for Cross-Border Attack on Syria

New Activists Fight for the Life of the American Worker

The Judicial Assault on Unions

7 Big Defense Companies with Transparency Problems

Seeing Torture for What It Is

Care about Your Food? Then Care about Your Farmworkers Too

Drones Are A Local Issue

US Citizens Fear Federal Government Threatens Rights

The NRA vs. America

The State of Israel: Unimportant To The NWO

The True Cost of National Security

Over the Past Four Months, Chinese Hackers Attacked NY Times

Writing the Rules for Domestic Drone Use

An Economic Alternative to Exploitative Free Market Capitalism

Five Possibilities for the Next Great Progressive Push

The Dark Side of America

UN Mission Condemns Israeli Settlements

US Military Struggling to Stop Suicide Epidemic Among War Veterans

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