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Tuesday, January 8

08.Jan.2013 - Anonymous' Project Mayhem Has Begun, Obama's Drone War, Thousands Rally in Gaza, Obama Signs NDAA 2013, Detoxing GMO Crops, US Government Not Protecting Liberties, Jobs Must Be Our Goal, Debt Limit Held Hostage, "Supporting the Troops" Must Stop, Missing History of the CIA, more.

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Anonymous - The Singularity Project 2013 - (Project Mayhem Has Begun)

The secrecy veiling Obama’s drone war

In Show of Unity, Hundreds of Thousands Rally in Gaza

Obama Signs NDAA 2013 Without Objecting to Indefinite Detention of Americans

Washington’s support to Israel a permit to kill Palestinians

Why Jobs Must Be Our Goal Now

Blowing the whistle on Obama's America

Holding the Debt Limit Hostage is Unconstitutional, So Why Not Get Around it by Minting a Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin?

10 Ways the Drug War Is Causing Massive Collateral Damage to Our Society

Those Who Say "I Support the Troops" Should Just Stop

The Untold Story: How America Became a Dangerous Empire

Guess Which State Has a Really Surprising Number of Whistleblowers?

The missing history of the CIA
"The Secret Team" by L. Fletcher Prouty

There's A Secret Reason Why The Government Has To Keep It Secret How Many Americans It's Spying On Without A Warrant

The Financial Elite's War Against the US Economy

Is the Constitution Still Relevant?

Backyard farmers by necessity

11 Years Later, Gitmo Injustice Continues

Living without religion

Constitution? What Constitution? Paul Ryan Refuses to Provide for the General Welfare

War Addiction Default: America’s Political Dysfunction at Root is an Unwillingness to Cut War Spending

Jeremy Hammond Faces Life Term For WikiLeaks and Hacked Stratfor Emails

Does spying on Americans protect the US?

Chris Christie Criticises Sandy Relief Legislation

Propaganda - Full North-Korean Documentary
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