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Saturday, December 22

22.Dec.2012 - Stories of Resistance, $633B War Spending, Corrupt Politicians, Stop Drones Strikes, Protesters Foil NRA Conference, Drug Dollars, Westboro Blitz Continues, Discrimination Against Nonbelievers, Cyber-security Executive Order, Palestine Won't Surrender to Israel, FISA Warrantless Wiretapping Bill, Emergency Unemployment Benefits, Expanding Voting Rights, Changing Climate Dangers, US Homelessness Rising, more.

In a Year of Politicians and Bad News, Surprising Stories of Resistance
Unions once again dropped a lot of cash and burned a lot of shoe leather defending against the greater evils of a Romney administration and a Republican Senate. But winning meant holding the line, at best, and a hard pivot after Election Day to defend what too many Democrats won’t: Social Security and Medicare.

House Approves Bill Authorizing $633 Billion in War Spending
The Republican-controlled House approved the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act by a vote of 315-107. The measure must still be approved by the Senate before it can go to President Barack Obama to be signed into law.

Crooked banks and corrupt politicians

US Military Needs to Leave Afghanistan and Stop Widening Drone Strikes

There is perhaps no time in American history when our leaders have fought a war with so little support. More than 60 percent of Americans want out of Afghanistan. Even at the peak of the anti-Vietnam-war movement, after a majority had turned against the war, there were still a large number of citizens who believed in the war and its official justifications. Today, as my colleague Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy notes, “Western leaders have largely given up trying to explain or justify why Western troops are still in Afghanistan and why they are still killing and being killed.”

Protesters Foil NRA Televised Press Conference: 'NRA Killing Our Kids'

US will not support UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements: official
State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters on Tuesday that Washington would not support a proposal for a Security Council resolution being discussed in preliminary talks in response to the plan for new Israeli settlements. 

Drug dollars prop up the banking system

Hackers Westboro Baptist Church
Hackers' Westboro Baptist Church Blitz Continues: UG Nazi, Jester, Anonymous Take Down Twitter Accounts, Sites
The online offensive against the Westboro Baptist Church continues to gain momentum. The Twitter accounts of two prominent members of the hate-mongering group were apparently infiltrated this week by members of the infamous hacker collective UG Nazi. On Monday, confirmed that 15-year-old whiz kid "Cosmo the God," a prolific member of the UG Nazi "hacktivist" group, had successfully carried out a takeover of @DearShirley, the Twitter account opened by WBC spokeswoman Shirley Lynn Phelps-Roper.

Bill Moyers Essay: Remember The Victims, Reject the Violence

6 Outrageous Incidents of Discrimination Against Nonbelievers

Atheists are often seen as crying wolf when they speak about bigotry. But discrimination against atheists around the world is real.

Sexual assault reports jump at military academies, Pentagon finds
Despite the Pentagon's sexual assault awareness programs, reports at military academies rose by nearly a quarter in 2010-2011. Officials say women could be feeling more secure reporting the crimes.

Don't Trust the Research Saying Video Games Cause Real-World Aggression

Video GamesIn a press conference this morning, the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre addressed the Sandy Hook school shootings by suggesting that, rather than ban assault weapons, we put armed guards in every American school. LaPierre also blamed America’s “culture of violence” on violent movies and video games. The armed guards thing is being addressed elsewhere on this site, but suffice it to say it’s a weird and implausibly expensive idea that will never, ever happen. The video game point, however, merits a little more scrutiny.

HSBC launders drug money - and gets away with it

Obama likely to issue executive order on cybersecurity as early as January

The long-awaited executive action is unlikely to be taken before the end of the year, given the delicate negotiations over the “fiscal cliff.” Republican lawmakers have made it known that they strongly oppose an executive order on cybersecurity.

Palestine won’t surrender to Israel

FISA Warrantless Wiretapping Bill Poised For Renewal Despite Unanswered Questions

With Senate poised to act as early as Thursday night to renew the foreign surveillance bill that authorized the Bush administration's secret warrantless wiretapping program, civil liberties advocates are getting deja vu.

Congress Should Extend Emergency Unemployment Benefits Now

President Obama and Speaker of the House John BoehnerAs President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) work to resolve the fiscal showdown, lawmakers should at least agree that extending emergency unemployment insurance is the right thing to do in order to protect workers and encourage economic growth.

Strengthening Our Democracy by Expanding Voting Rights

The past two years were not kind to those who hold dear one of our most cherished rights—the right to vote. After the Republican wave of 2010, which saw conservative majorities swept into governors’ mansions and state legislatures, more than a dozen states—including Wisconsin, Florida, and Texas—passed legislation making it more difficult for voters to cast a ballot. The conservative cause celebre became legislation enacting voter ID, shortening early voting, and requiring citizens to show a birth certificate or passport in order to register to vote.

5 Reasons Our Changing Climate Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Our failure to give a crap is more frightening than flesh-eating fungi.
cross the United States, the number of hungry and homeless people is growing, and budget fights at the federal level are threatening the aid many need to survive, the U.S. Conference of Mayors said on Thursday.

UN not serious when it comes to Israel

"End of the World": Apocalypse or Shopocalypse? Reverend Billy on Consumerism and Climate Change

New Report Sheds Light on Bin Laden Murder, as Pakistan Faces Fallout from U.S.-Led Vaccination Plot

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