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Wednesday, December 5

05.Dec.2012 - Demilitarize the C.I.A., Ashley Judd for Senate, T.S.A. Skips Termination Hearing, Americans Abandoned, Best Response to Disaster, Rise of Skynet, Cops Need Text Logs, Prison Slavery Business, UN Calls for Israel to Disclose Nuclear Arsenal, How Racism Lives On, Whistle-blower Treatment by US, Gaza Thwarts Israeli Propaganda, Citizen Reporting, more.

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New York Times
Demilitarize the C.I.A.
Although the departure of General Petraeus is a significant loss for the intelligence community, it is also an opportunity to better balance intelligence support for military and diplomatic operations.

Bradley Manning: it’s make-or-break time

Ashley Judd for Senate: Could she win? 

T.S.A. Skips a Hearing on Terminating the T.S.A.

The director of the Transportation Security Administration, John S. Pistole, had declined to testify before this particular subcommittee on two previous occasions, despite angry criticism from some members who are longtime agency critics.

Americans abandoned
No power, no heat, no food, destroyed homes

The best response to disaster: Go on the offensive

We’re usually inclined to fight power when it is being carried out, but that’s often too late to stop it. Similarly, we’re inclined to fight power where it is most felt — in our communities, in the poor neighborhoods and communities of color around the city, in the ghettos that separate the many from the few who profit from their exploitation. That, too, is a mistake, because the powerful make decisions far, far away from there.

Israel Asked Jordan’s Approval To Strike Alleged Syrian WMD Facilities

The issue was revealed in a report by Jeffery Goldberg of The Atlantic, who also reported that Jordan has, so far, rejected any Israeli request to strike Syria.

Cops to Congress: We need logs of Americans’ text messages

State and local law enforcement groups want wireless providers to store detailed information about your SMS messages for at least two years -- in case they're needed for future criminal investigations.

The prison biz: The new slavery

UN Resolution Calls for Israel to Disclose Nuclear Arsenal

The UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly on Monday to approve a resolution calling on Israel to open up its nuclear weapons program to international inspectors and to end its refusal to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treary, or NPT.

Is Popular Religion Derived from Egotism?

Walter Lippman on Scientific vs. Religious Attitudes Towards the Universe

Street Artist Charged with 56 Counts for Punking NYPD with Drone Poster

How racism lives on in a "color-blind" society
How does racism operate in a supposedly "post-racial" society? Where does institutionalized discrimination against African Americans and other people of color fit into the other structures of capitalism? Brian Jones, a teacher, actor and activist in New York City, provided answers in a talk given at a conference for socialists and activists held in early November.

How does the US treat its whistleblowers?


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5 Reasons to Be Terrified That Computers Can Now Read Faces

Terrorist Attacks More Than Quadrupled In Decade Since Sept. 11, 2001, Study Finds

The number of terrorist attacks each year has more than quadrupled in the decade since September 11, 2001, a study released on Tuesday said, with Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan the most affected.

Gaza thwarts Israeli propaganda with Twitter

Youths spray-paint Twitter hashtags on a wallSpirits were high in Gaza City’s Shalehat resort the Saturday afternoon after a ceasefire ended eight days of escalated Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. Eighty activists had gathered to discuss their use of social media during the aggression and plan their next steps.

Could Citizen Reporting Be the Sweet Spot for Local Engagement?

Mainstream news organizations have had mixed results with citizen news reporting. While crowd-sourcing efforts such as CNN'iReport and Help Me Investigate have yielded valuable information, many other efforts have foundered, often on journalists' expectation that citizen-created news must look like what the professionals produce to have value.


NASA Voyager 1 Hits New Region At Solar System’s End

We knew this day would come: NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched in 1977, today still traveling away from Earth at a rate of 35,700 miles-per-hour, has entered into a new region of space at the end of the solar system, NASA announced on Monday.

What the American Media Won't Tell You About Israel
Portrait, Noam Chomsky, 06/15/09. (photo: Sam Lahoz)

n old man in Gaza held a placard that read: "You take my water, burn my olive trees, destroy my house, take my job, steal my land, imprison my father, kill my mother, bombard my country, starve us all, humiliate us all, but I am to blame: I shot a rocket back."

Walmart's Exploitation Is Nothing New, So What Made Workers Finally Fight Back?

The nation's largest employer has long been the Holy Grail for labor organizers, seemingly impossible to organize -- until now.

Occupy Cooks for Sandy Victims


Bill Maher: Michael Moore Vs David Frum

Social media analyst: Internet censorship grave concern

The ITU could put the Internet behind closed doors.

In Doha, Lead U.S. Negotiator Plays Down Expectations of Climate Action in Obama’s Second Term

Former Irish President Mary Robinson: Climate Change the Biggest Human Rights Issue of Our Time

Study: Wealthy Nations’ Fossil Fuel Subsidies 5 Times Greater Than Climate Aid to Countries in Need

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