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Monday, December 3

04.Dec.2012 - Anonymous Launch Operation Monsanto, Strangled by Monopolies, NSA Whistleblower on Surveillance, Restaurant Workers on Strike, Fracking Contaminating Livestock? College as American Nightmare, Challenge the Drone Propaganda, the Student Movement, Hillary Clinton for President? and much more

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Anonymous launch Operation Monsanto
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Strangled by monopolies
What our great-grandfathers understood
and we better rediscover

Watch: Teacher Infiltrates ALEC Education Meeting, Confronts Members

Education activist Sabrina Joy Stevens, a former teacher in the Denver school system, tells right-wing, would-be policymakers how their agenda is destructive to education.
NSA Whistleblower: Everyone in US under virtual surveillance, all info stored, no matter the post

Hundreds of workers at dozens of restaurants went on strike and rallied in a bid for fair pay and union recognition.

Is Fracking Contaminating US Livestock?
Matt Bewig, AllGov : 'If cattle are getting sick because of fracking, what about the health of people who later drink their milk or eat their flesh?' (photo: Ark Animal Care)ike canaries sent into coal mines to warn of breathing hazards, livestock in areas where hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") is occurring are getting sick and dropping dead in alarming numbers, according to the only peer-reviewed scientific study of the impact of fracking on animals. And if cattle are getting sick because of fracking, what about the health of people who later drink their milk or eat their flesh?

College As the American Nightmare

Two-thirds of the total student-loan debt is held by people under 30. (illustration: that student loans are undeniably in bubble territory, the officialdom is starting to wake up and take notice. Evidence that students were taking on so much debt as a group that it was undermining their ability to be Good American Consumers wasn't enough. A recent New York Fed study found that 94% of recent graduates had borrowed to help pay for their education, and average debt levels among student borrowers is $23,000. Remember, that average includes seasoned borrowers, who presumably borrowed less and also in many cases reduced the principal amount of their loans, so the average amount borrowed by recent grads is certain to be higher. Student debt is senior to all other consumer debt; unlike, say, credit card balances, Social Security payments can be garnished to pay delinquencies. As a result, it has contributed to the fall in the homeownership rate, since many young people who want to buy a house can't because their level of student debt prevents them from getting a mortgage.

It's Time to Challenge the Drone Propaganda
A US drone flies over Edwards Air Force Base. (photo: Keystone/Zuma/Rex Features)obert Greenwald, head of the progressive internet video and documentary film company, Brave New Films, recently traveled to Pakistan, supported financially by hundreds of BNF donors, to witness first hand the stories of families who have had innocent loved ones killed by U.S. drone attacks. Greenwald is challenging both the morality and the factual effectiveness of the U.S drone program as we learn more about the failures and questionable policies. The U.S. claims that drone missiles are aimed at potential terrorists but because the ground rules of who can be targeted is both vague and has been loosened, the number of innocents being killed has risen sharply. Furthermore, the information that is used to target people, appears to be the result of a system of bribery at the local level, which is of questionable reliability.

A Soldier's Fight For The First Amendment

Decorated War Hero Challenges Christian Displays At North Carolina City's Veterans' Memorial

The power of the student movement
This year's massive strike by students in Quebec against a huge tuition increase rocked the Canadian province and beyond. Despite repression from the government--including Bill 78 (Law 12), which shut down campuses and threatened strikers with fines, as well as an injunction ordering strikers to allow dissident students who opposed the strike to attend classes--the students held firm. The ruling Liberals, led by then Premier Jean Charest, were defeated in elections held at the end of the summer. The incoming Parti Québécois government owes its election success to its promises to meet the students' demands--though its record in office has been disappointing to many of its supporters.

Striking the fast-food giants
McDonalds workers rally with supporters outside a restaurant near Times Square
Peter Rugh reports from New York City on a day of walkouts at fast-food restaurants--another step in what organizers call the largest union drive in fast-food history.

Jeremy Hammond: the ‘other Bradley Manning’?

While Jeremy Hammond’s case and Bradley Manning’s are in many ways different (Manning has never been accused of hacking, for example), both are facing draconian sentences (Manning, possibly life; a similar maximum for Hammond) and deserve solidarity because of what was exposed. Jeremy Hammond, 27, is allegedly the main hacker behind December 2011 LulzSec hack of Stratfor, a quasi-private, corporate intelligence and strategic analysis firm with close ties to US Intelligence.

New Yorker Editor: “Hillary Clinton Is Running For President”

New Yorker Magazine editor David Remnick dropped a political bombshell after attending a three-day conference at which the Secretary of State was the keynote speaker, categorically stating, “Hillary Clinton is running for President.”

On November 25th President Barack Obama issued a presidential memorandum entitled “National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs” that outlines the provision “and guidance to promote the development of effective insider threat programs within departments and agencies to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by employees who may represent a threat to national security.”

Israel's Latest Plan to Punish Palestinians Gets Worldwide Rebuke
UK, Sweden, France --even the US-- call latest settlement announcement in West Bank an assault on peace process

8 Principles for Understanding the Fiscal Cliff in Two Minutes and Thirty Seconds

The Untold Story of the Great Recession

Has Israel's settlement expansion crossed a 'red line'?
Both Britain and France have summoned Israel's ambassadors to protest plans to expand construction in East Jerusalem, while some say more serious action like economic reprisals are possible.

Climate Cliff: As Global Emissions Peak, Hopes for U.N. Climate Deal in Doha at All-Time Low

WalMart’s Tears for a Tragedy

On Saturday, a fire swept through a garment factory near Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing some 120 workers trapped behind locked doors. WalMart, one of the factory’s clothes buyers, quickly distanced itself from the tragedy, but WalMart’s profiting from sweatshops is a long-term pattern, writes Barbara Koeppel.

Science literacy and the polarized politics of climate change

One of the major goals of science education is for all citizens to have some basic level of science literacy. The rationale is that a basic understanding of science is necessary in order to participate in a modern democratic society, where we must often grapple with policy decisions that deal with socioscientific issues, and where scientific evidence can be a major deciding factor in policy.

The Republican Austerity Bomb is the Real Threat to America
Hidden in the tedious language of “sequestration,” which is guaranteed to lull Americans into disinterest, is an epic battle between the interests of the rich and the poor. Since the rich tend to chronically have the upper hand, having the fiscal cliff conflict come out favorably for the poor seems improbable, though there’s always hope. When the poor come to the government for welfare, they are stigmatized and degraded. When the rich come to the government for welfare, they convince everyone they earned it.

Citizens Are Winning the Battle Over Cops and Cameras
Last week, the US Supreme Court refused to hear a case that had been overturned by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. The original case was brought by the American Civil Liberties Union in an Illinois federal district court and focused on an Illinois law that says it's a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison for an ordinary, tax-paying citizen to videotape a police officer doing his or her public duty. The law fell back on wiretapping laws that make it illegal to tape record a person without his or her consent. Thus, the audio element of videotaping has become a popular ruse for cops to intimidate video recording of their activities.

Walmart Ends Insurance For New Employees, Conservatives Blame Obamacare

First and foremost, let’s put blame for their decision where it should really be — on them. Walmart certainly has the resources to pay for health insurance for all their workers, even if they worked 10 hours a week. They pay extremely low (average yearly wages are just a touch over the federal poverty line) and purposely limit the number of full-time employees, further limiting costs while being able to report high numbers of employees.

138 Nations Supported Palestinian Statehood - Anti-Racists Must Boycott 9 Opponents & 41 Abstainers

The Government Can Still Black Bag Any American
The Senate passed the much ballyhooed Feinstein-Lee amendment last night, which supposedly partially nullifies the provision in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allowing for Americans to be kidnapped by the government and disappeared without any charge or due process. Senator Rand Paul put out a press release declaring victory. But as Congressman Justin Amash points out, the wording of the amendment effectively codifies tyranny

Poverty in the U.S.A.


Culture in Decline: What Democracy?

Culture in Decline: Economics 101

Culture in Decline: Consumption-Vanity Disorder

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