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Wednesday, November 28

27.Nov.2012 - Bradley Manning to Speak, the Welfare System, Ashley Judd to Washington? Food Waste at Restaurants, Siege on Gaza Lifted? Palestinian People Scored Victories, Impact of Global Warming, Misconceptions About the Bible, Wealthy CEOs Want Tax Breaks, UK Floods, much more

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Bradley Manning to speak for first time since arrest in pre-trial testimony
Bradley Manning
Soldier allegedly behind WikiLeaks documents leak to be called as a witness in first public statement since 2010

The welfare system is already stacked against the young
The decision to remove housing benefit from the under-25s is just another item on the list of ways our welfare system is penalising the young.

Ashley Judd goes to Washington?

Hollywood actress and political activist Ashley Judd is reportedly mulling over a possible challenge to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). McConnell’s fifth term in the Senate will end in 2014, completing a run of 30 years. This is the Senate leader, of course, who famously declared early in President Obama’s first term that the Republican Party’s top priority was to make President Obama a one-term president. Yes, McConnell is a political powerhouse in Kentucky and the country. He sits on a political war chest of nearly $7 million, earmarked specifically for his re-election campaign in 2014.

For Restaurants, Food Waste Is Seen As Low Priority
The National Restaurant Association says getting restaurants to focus on the food waste problem is a big challenge.
Dumpsters packed with trash are lined up, and they get emptied only twice a week. Which means a lot of food sits here, filling the block with a deep, rank odor.

Will the siege on Gaza finally be lifted?

As the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas seems to be holding, many are hoping that one of the agreement’s main points — the easing of restrictions on people and goods coming in and out of the Gaza Strip — signals a new era for the besieged Palestinian territory.

Haneyya: Palestinian people scored military, political, media victories

He told a ceremony honoring journalists killed in the Israeli aggression and their relatives in Gaza on Monday night that the media victory is no less important than the military and political victories.

Benjamin Netanyahu Is Leading Israel Into Isolation
The Iron Dome kept missiles at bay, but another ‘dome’ shields the people from reality

The growing impact and dangers of global warming

Climate change, and a clear understanding of its impact on all aspects of life, has taken on acute importance in the past several months. The extreme weather events—the historic drought conditions over large parts of the world, the flash melting of Greenland’s surface ice and the intensity of Hurricane Sandy—are examples of the changes to global weather patterns that can be expected from an overall rise in Earth's surface temperature.

A New Light For Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Art is often said to have healing powers, and beginning tomorrow many people who live in the path of Hurricane Sandy — which struck a month ago — will have a chance to see a piece of art created for them. It’s a “monumental” laser installation by Yvette Mattern called Global Rainbow, After the Storm, launched from the rooftop of the Standard Hotel at the Highline. Designed to illuminate the night sky and be visible for up to 35 miles (depending on atmospheric conditions), the work will aim seven beams of high power light lasers over communities hit by Sandy.

5 Common Misconceptions About the Bible
When it comes to the Bible, modern Americans are at a distinct disadvantage. They know both too much and too little. They know too much because they live in a society in which references to the Bible -- positive and negative -- are frequent, creating a false sense of familiarity. They know too little because they have not read it, or have read only selected portions of it, or have allowed others to read it for them through the filtering lens of later theological doctrines or political opportunism. And that's a pity because the Bible, by which I mean the 24 basic books common to all Bibles (equivalent to the Jewish Tanakh or Hebrew Bible and to the Protestant Old Testament) is deserving of the same careful attention and close reading that we regularly bestow upon other classic texts.

Why Even a Deal on the Budget Is Bad for the American Economy

Outcomes range from slowdown to outright recession. And it's all totally unnecessary.

The intertwined storms of Sandy and capitalism
Michael Friedman, a resident of an area in Queens hard hit by Hurricane Sandy, bears witness to the devastating interaction of climate change and economic crisis.

Connecting two struggles for freedom
Jesse Hagopian, a Seattle activist and public high school teacher, argues that the struggle for Palestinian liberation should be supported by African Americans.

Wealthy CEOs Want Tax Breaks, Cuts to Poor and Elderly

UK floods and Climate Change

Gazans assess economic damage of Israel raids

In Occupied Palestinian territory, the violence has had an impact on children

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