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Friday, November 16

16.Nov.2012 - Israeli Torture of Palestinians, Bloodshed in Gaza, Zionist Oppression, College Students Petitioning for 100%$ Tuition Refund, Secession States, Government Censorship Increasing, Obama's Secret Directive on Cybersecurity, Wal-Mart Faces Strikes, Noam Chomsky on Gaza, Is God a Civil Libertarian?

Israeli who revealed “medieval-style” torture of Palestinians faces virulent backlash
An Israeli who posted a testimony on Facebook about the “medieval-style” torture of Palestinians he assisted in during his army service in the occupied territories has faced a virulent backlash from fellow Israelis, including threats of violence. Yuval Lev published the testimony in Hebrew on his Facebook page on 8 November.

Bloodshed In Gaza and Beyond–Israel’s National Orgasm
For the record, I generally shy away from, well, “sensitive” themes such as this, and for the simple reason that I hold ‘it’–meaning sex–to be something sacred. Given to us as a gift by our creator, in my opinion it is not something to be handled coarsely, discussed crudely or made to be the butt of adolescent-level jokes as it has in “western” (again, meaning Jewish) media.

For Those Living Under the Heel of Zionist Oppression And Terror, Every Day is Apocalypto
Like mob lawyers tasked with getting their criminal clients acquitted (despite the fact they know they’re guilty as hell) all can be rest assured powerful Jewish groups in the US and elsewhere–and particularly those constantly loudmouthing about Jewish persecution–have known from the beginning about the now-infamous organ-trafficking business officially sanctioned by the Israeli government. After all–in addition to spying on and then blackmailing certain targeted individuals–it’s the job of these various groups to know what kind of problems might be lurking out on the horizon possibly impacting their most valued client, meaning the Jewish state. Therefore knowing everything–including the most heinous crimes their client has committed–is a prerequisite of sorts if these groups are to successfully engage in the “great commission” for which they were created, meaning damage control for that great criminal headquarters disguising itself as a viable political entity known as Israel.

College students petitioning Obama to refund 100% of their tuition in trade for their diplomas
In the name of Consumer Protection, recent college graduates should have the ability to return the diploma and not make any reference to receiving education from the college in exchange for a 100% refund of college tuition.

Hey Secession States: If You Want To Secede, You Will No Longer Receive A Penny Of Federal Dollars

Ever since the Kenyan Socialist won a second term in the most uproarious fashion possible, Teabaggers and their miserably (and hilariously) uninformed ilk are irate. Further, they’re essentially throwing the tantrum of a child who didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas. For their part, democracy is only acceptable when a really, really white guy wins.

It's Scary How Rapidly Government Requests For Info And Censorship Are Increasing

Google's latest transparency report is out and the notable bit of info is that governments continue to increase how often they're seeking info about users. The increase there is a steady growth which is immensely worrisome. There's also an equally troubling increase in the attempts to censor content via Google, though in that case, it was relatively flat until the first half of this year when it shot way, way up.

The DHS And FBI Present: You Might Be A Terrorist If... (Hotel Guest Edition)

As we seem to be told repeatedly, seeing something and saying something is perhaps the greatest duty an American citizen can perform in service to this country. It's simply not enough anymore to install an American flag in the front yard and purchase domestic vehicles. Now, every citizen should be keeping his eye out for (and on) his fellow citizens. The price of freedom may be eternal vigilance, but the price of security is endless paranoia.

Homeland Security Spent $430-Million To Tune Its Radios To A New Frequency, And Failed

The incompetence of Homeland Security when it comes to actually doing things is well documented -- though, they're often so clueless that they take credit for successfully misleading Congress about their own failings. So I guess it should come as little surprise that a new report shows that DHS spent about $430 million of your taxpayer dollars to get all of its radios to communicate on the same frequency and it doesn't work. At all.

President Obama Signs 'Secret Directive' On Cybersecurity

While we're hearing that the Senate is likely to take up (though not pass) the Cybersecurity Act yet again either today or tomorrow, and the White House is still sitting on a cybersecurity "executive order," in the meantime it's being reported that President Obama has signed a "secret directive" to allow the military to "act more aggressively to thwart cyberattacks." 

Wal-Mart Faces a New Round of Historic Strikes... But Why Now?
Last month, when strikers from Southern California arrived in Bentonville, Arkansas to protest Wal-Mart’s labor practices with reggae beats, pots and pans, and a Latin American-inflected protest culture, it became clear to onlookers that America’s superstore was no longer the small family business that Sam Walton had founded and grown in the cradle of the anti-labor culture of Southern evangelicaldom.

Israel's Operation Pillar of Cloud
Bombing and shelling Gaza continues overnight.

Don't expect a second-term Obama to take on Israel
Barack Obama's victory in the US presidential election last week was greeted with general unease in Israel.

How the Israeli Army Used Social Media To Brag About an Assassination
On Wednesday, the Israeli Air Force took out a car carrying Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari, head of the military wing (the Al-Qassam Brigades) of Hamas, the Palestinian terror group that governs the Gaza Strip.

Noam Chomsky on Gaza, and the 2 Positives of Election 2012: The Worst Didn't Happen -- and It's Over
World-renowned political dissident, linguist, author and MIT professor Noam Chomsky joins us to discuss his recent trip to the Gaza Strip, where he publicly called on Israel to put an end to the blockade on the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave. '[Gaza] is a lesson for people from the West,' Chomsky says. 'If they can struggle on under really harsh and brutal conditions, it tells us we ought to be doing a lot more.' Chomsky also comments on President Obama's re-election, saying: 'There are two good things: one, the worst did not happen, and it might have. The second is, it is over. We can put it behind us and get back to work.'

Is God a Civil Libertarian? How the American Surveillance State Devoured General Petraeus

That the stars of America's national security establishment are being devoured by out-of-control surveillance is a form of sweet justice.

5 Giant Contradictions That Are Sinking the GOP
Republican dinosaurs fell into their own quicksand of contradictions.

What the President Should Propose for the 'Grand Bargain' to Reduce the Deficit

If the past four years have proven anything it’s that the White House should not begin with a compromise.
Holder announces record $4.5 billion settlement with BP over Gulf oil spill
Photo source or descriptionUS Attorney General Eric Holder [official website] announced [press release] Thursday that British Petroleum (BP) [corporate website] has agreed to pay a record $4.5 billion in penalties and to plead guilty [plea agreement, PDF] to felony misconduct for its role in the devastation caused by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill [BBC backgrounder; JURIST news archive].

Investigate the FBI
The real Petraeus scandal is why the bureau was rummaging around in his private communications in the first place.,1

Inside a Gaza Hospital as Israeli Military Attacks Escalate: 200 Air Strikes

No one knows where the next missile will hit, no one knows where they can be safe. Parents are unable to keep their children safe, let alone provide them a sense of safety.

No Heat, No Electricity -- Desperate New Yorkers Beg for Help Post Sandy

While victims and volunteers look to government, Madonna moons fans to get them to donate.

Hostess Blames Striking Workers As it Liquidates, Romney-Style

Company had already planned to close plants even if the workers accepted the cuts and stayed at work.

Occupy's Rolling Jubilee Has Raised Enough to Forgive $5 Million of Debt

Symbolic OWS action will have real-world consequences: less debt.

Energy Independence for America Is a Worthy Goal -- But It's a Death Wish If We Do It with Oil & Gas

New report says US is poised to become THE world leader in extracting fossil fuels.

Israeli Negotiator: Hamas Commander Was Assassinated Hours After Receiving Truce Deal from Israel

"Nowhere to Run": Israel Fires Over 500 Strikes in Gaza, Civilian Toll Grows in Humanitarian Crisis

Oliver Stone on the Untold U.S. History from the Atomic Age to Vietnam to Obama’s Drone Wars

Bailout Of The People, By The People.

General Strike Sweeps Europe as Millions Reject Austerity as Solution to Economic Crisis

Bill McKibben: Global Warming's Dystopian Future

Will Obama Tackle Climate Change in his 2nd Term?

Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza, Killing Hamas Military Chief

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